Our Flooring Showroom Remodel

4 Materials
4 Weeks

We completely remodeled the floors in our Campbell showroom, and we wanted to share this story with you through the images below.

Our flooring artisans enjoy displaying their passion for creative and intricate projects and we wanted our new showroom floors to reflect that. The new showroom features everything from wood flooring strips, customized wood designs (like our medallion starburst pattern), different examples of wood grains, different wood patterns (like Herringbone), and so much more!

We enjoy bringing flooring visions into reality, and you can see that through the following images.

Dominic is tearing up the old floors of the hardwood flooring showroom. We used a flooring saw to cut up the floors in sections and then we ripped them out to be replaced.

Dominic is taking out pieces of the older floors by removing the nails and then taking out each piece of wood. He also used a saw to individually remove some of the pieces of wood.

We used many strips of wood in one section of the new showroom. Here's a bunch of the strips being arranged in a section of the showroom. As you can tell, we used a wide variety of different grains of wood.

Dominic is laying down the new floor strips, gluing them, and also nailing them down.

Here we made a Herringbone pattern with a custom insert from a log. We really enjoy showcasing our ability to do custom work that fits into something more traditional.

Here Dominic has started the long process of sanding the newly-installed floors.

Now Dominic has started applying the finishing material to the floors after the sanding. Dominic & Daniel coated the floor with a neutral stain. The corner had a gray stain (The gray stains help bring out the rustic appearance of wood).

Dominic & Daniel continued to apply the finishing stain material. Dominic added a 3rd layer of water-based polyurethane finish. The water-based finish really brings out the natural color of the wood. With every coat of the stain, he has to apply the finish, wait for it to dry, and then brush/roughen it up. He added four layers over the course of a few days!

Here's the middle section of the floor before the stain has been applied.

Here's a great view of the floor after a new coat of the stain. As you can tell, the stain really brings out the natural colors of the wood.

This is a close-up of a starburst medallion pattern after applying a few coats of the stain.

These four sections of the wooden squares were very time-consuming to lay down, but they turned out very well! These illustrate the different kinds of woods we can lay down for the customers we work with.

Suggested materials:

  • Wood  (Our wood supplier)
  • Stain  (Home Improvement Store)
  • Nails  (Home Improvement Store)
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