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I found this beautiful iron chandeleier on the Facebook market place for $10! What a steal! The electrical had been cut, so using as a traditional chandelier was not an option, I’ve always wanted a chandelier above my garden tub, which also has no electricity, so this was perfect for that! Some battery operated candles, some terra-cotta saucers, and a few viney plants and this masterpiece is ready to hang! Here’s what you’ll need:

This beauty was too good a deal to pass up!

One chandelier-I see them regularly at my local goodwill and thrift shops

terra-cotta saucers

terra-cotta pots

E-6000 or comparable strong hold glue

hot glue gun

battery operated candles

plants of choice

Start off by removing all the leftover electrical components, the wire that would attach this to the ceiling was already cut so I didn’t have that to remove, but these little guys that the light bulbs were connected to, had to go! A flat head screw driver and some wire cutters and they came right off!

These were porcelain or something of the sort and some of them shattered, I recommend wearing gloves for any and all projects! But use caution if you don’t like to work in gloves! With exposed wire and metal there is potential for cuts and pokes! This was literally the hardest part of the whole project!

I didn’t take the greatest picture of the glue process but I used a combination of E-6000 and hot glue, the hot glue for instant hold to avoid having to tape all these up, and E-6000 for its strong hold to a variety of surfaces. I lined the rim of the chandelier and carefully centered the terra-cotta pot in the position I wanted it to stay in. I held in place for a few moments until I knew the hot glue had set.

I repeated the same process for the saucers!

Once all the glue had set, it’s time to add your plants and candles! I chose to use Pothos, they do well in low light and don’t need to be watered super often! I hung this from my ceiling with a hook that I had laying around, it cane with special anchors made for the ceiling and can hold up to 75 pounds. You’ll want to make sure your hook is strong enough to hold the weight of the fixture you choose.

Of course I had to share the view from sitting in the tub. I’m convinced this is why they call this a garden tub! Hahaha! I hope you enjoyed this quick little project! I would love to see what you come up with! Share with me on Instagram, tag me in your project posts @redsrusticrehabs

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5 questions
  • Millie Cochrun
    on Oct 31, 2019

    I have the opposite problem. My chandelier was never electric but want to make it that way now. Is it possibly to do it myself?

    • HFredda
      on Oct 31, 2019


      There are on-line instructions from various sources.

    • Lynn Goins
      on Oct 31, 2019

      You can buy the lighting kit from any home improvement store. I think Amazon has them too. Then you could probably find a video on You Tube on how to put it together. Check out the video first so you'll know what you need.

    • Red's Rustic Rehab
      on Oct 31, 2019

      I’m sure there is a way, but I’m definitely not an electrician! I do know that Habitat for Humanity Home Stores have a lot of nice lighting, in my area at least, also goodwill if you cans wire yours maybe you can rehab another!

    • Luna
      on Oct 31, 2019

      Like Lynn said, you can easily buy a kit and it's super easy to install. The problem, since it was never meant to be electric, is passing the wires in a way that they're hidden or don't look too bad. There's almost transparent, specific wire for lamps, but almost transparent doesn't mean invisible.

    • Theresa Burns
      on Oct 31, 2019

      I have done this after much reading and thinking, and it was for a floor lamp that had 4 bulbs, that lit intermittently. Best to leave it to a professional. I found a manual that I learned from. It kind of takes two people because you have one wire for each socket and they connect together to a main wire which is your source of electricity.

  • Lorna Shipton
    on Oct 31, 2019

    I love it, but one quick question, how do you get the doors open that are behind it?

    • Janet
      on Oct 31, 2019

      They slide

    • Donna
      on Oct 31, 2019

      I'm confused, how do they slide with the door jams and walls so close?

    • Pauline
      on Oct 31, 2019

      In two of the pictures the doors are open. Maybe it’s an optical illusion, or the chandelier is further out from the wall then it looks. Good question! Also since it’s not electric they could take it down and open the shutters.

    • Jeanette
      on Oct 31, 2019

      It has to be an optical illusion as the chandelier is over the tub...

    • Red's Rustic Rehab
      on Nov 1, 2019

      Haha! I just saw this I’m sorry for the late reply! I knew I would be changing those out for my little plant friends, I wanted to make nature the chandelier actually worked in the space before removing them! But I had to take the chandelier to open the shutters up! It was a hassle! I have a tutorial for the new window treatment posting today!

  • Jodie
    on Oct 31, 2019

    It looks like the doors are in a double track so they slide over one and other??

  • Spanky
    on Oct 31, 2019

    Do you have to take the plants down to give them water? Seems like they would dry ou quickly being so close to the ceiling. And yes I know it's in a bathroom but they will still need watering.

    • SpudBread
      on Oct 31, 2019

      CLOSED POT PLANTINGS ... if you seal the drain hole so no water leaks out, and fill bottom of pot with loose gravel, pottery shards, rocks, etc. to make a drainage space, then add potting soil mixture & plants, you can LIGHTLY water once a week and all will be well! The pothos plants will love it!

    • Red's Rustic Rehab
      on Nov 1, 2019

      The comment above is exactly what I did, they are in plastic pots within the teracotta so if I need to thin them out or want to change my plants I can. But yes, you would want to take them down to water if not in a sealed bottom pot. And I opted for a plant that is fairly simple as far as watering go for that very reason. :)

  • Audrey kammerude
    on Oct 31, 2019

    I want t o know if you have to take it down to turn the candles on - They ARE battery-operated - right?

    • Jaynie
      on Oct 31, 2019

      You can buy flameless candles that have a remote.

    • Red's Rustic Rehab
      on Nov 1, 2019

      They are flameless battery operated, they came with remotes, they also have a switch on the bottom for a timer setting they turn on for 8 hours very 16 I believe?

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  • Veronica
    on Nov 1, 2019

    It’s a very neat idea! Once the vines fill in you can wrap then all around and thru the chandelier. Thanks for sharing!

  • Susie
    on Nov 1, 2019

    What a cool and beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing.

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