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How can I fix small holes in my bathtub?

EmCheryl WilliamsenTinyshoes


My tub has little holes in it I need to know a good diy to help with it

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  • Bijous

    Hi Debra. If it's a metal or cast iron tub, the fix is really not a DIY project. Best to invest is a new fiberglass tub. They're easier to install and cheaper in cost.

    If it is a fiberglass tub, you can use a fiberglass repair kit to seal the holes. Follow the instructions to the letter. Then use an epoxy paint to completely cover the tub.

    Good luck.

  • Tinyshoes
    20 hours ago

    Debra....It will cost to have a professional come and fix but the one my daughter used did a great job and absolutely can not tell there was a problem!

  • Cheryl Williamsen
    19 hours ago

    Holes? Or divets?

  • Em
    31 minutes ago

    What is the bathtub made of? They are usually fiberglass type of compound or porcelain so I can't even imagine how you would have holes.

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