Asked on Aug 13, 2019

How do I make a laundry basket?

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It’s three of us and it’s hard separating my daughters clothes and lining from ours!! Is there anyway to make this easier on the whole family ?

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  • Emily
    on Aug 13, 2019

    the composition of the family doesn't matter as much as the composition of the laundry. All whites go together regardless of whether they are kitchen/bathroom,daughter/Dad/mom. That is depending on amount of laundry. Colored clothes go together and dark clothes go together. Now for baby that would be special laundry and maybe for an invalid. I wash all sheets together whether for guest beds or ours. Or are you speaking of after the clothes are clean?

  • Kathy DeStafino
    on Aug 14, 2019

    I put a basket in each person's room. Towels go in the bathroom basket. That way everything is pre-sorted since we tend to wear items that can be washed together.

  • T R
    on Aug 14, 2019

    Here are some ideas for laundry baskets organized in different ways. Maybe one will work for you:

  • Robyn Garner
    on Aug 14, 2019

    I agree with Emily - the clothes should be sorted by wash type, not person. However, you could then use separate baskets to put the clean, folded laundry into for return to each individual for them to put away themselves. That is easily accomplished while folding.

  • Mona Blake
    on Aug 14, 2019

    Everyone has their own basket here except my husband and I. My kids started doing their own laundry at 7. We have a front loader, so small loads are ok. I encouraged them to work together and do every other week. Everything is washed together by weight. Beds are washed weekly. We hand clothes out whenever possible.

  • Flipturn
    on Aug 16, 2019

    For maximum efficiency, a laundry area needs to accommodate sorting before the clothes go into the washer, and after they come out of the dryer.

    Simply get 2 baskets for each person, either label them, or each person has different color, with one for dirty clothes, and one for clean clothes. Baskets slide into spaces in what have become known as laundry dressers, which are quite easy to build. Examples of this way of organizing are shown below.

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