How can I rescue my climbing hydrangea plant (pic)?


We had a company washing our house and windows last Friday and now this climbing hydrangea of mine is starting to die, though they're especially advertising their products DONT kill any plants. Now what?! We've paid (with veteran discount) more than $800 for the service and I sure wouldn't like to see losing this precious plant on top of that! Is this valuable giant still going to survive, or should I start asking for some compensation, and if so, how much? On the top it's lost almost all its leaves already, and needless to say I'm very upset it was thriving just beautifully before they did their job. The company is very co-operative and wants me to ask about the prognosis, so if there is anyone here who can advice me about this, I'd greatly appreciate it! ♥️🌷 Thank you❣

q mayday my hydrangea is dropping all its leaves now what
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