Asked on Aug 15, 2019

How can I remove the rust from my cast iron table and chairs?

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How do i get the rust off of my Grandparents cat iron table,and 8 chairs(50+) yrs old. It is very hravy and Absolutely Beautiful. I HAVE A SMALL BUDGET TO TRY TO SAVE IT. ALL SUGGESTIONS,ADVICE,AND HELP IS APPRECIATED VERY MUCH!!!

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  • Mogie
    on Aug 15, 2019

    Step 1

    Scrub the wrought iron with a dry wire brush. This will remove any loose or flaking rust. Go over the wrought iron with a dry paintbrush to remove any tiny rust flakes or dirt.

    Step 2

    Sand the wrought iron with sandpaper to further remove rust. Use the sandpaper to also remove any flaking or loose paint. Begin by using a coarse sandpaper to remove deeper rust. Go over the wrought iron with a medium-grit sandpaper.

    Step 3

    Mix a solution of water and commercial rust remover in a bucket. Refer to the label on the rust remover for specific mixing instructions.

    Step 4

    Dip a wire brush into the solution. Scrub the remaining rust spots on the wrought iron with the solution, scrubbing in a circular motion. Be sure to remove all of the rust; even a tiny spot left on the wrought iron will spread in the future.

    Step 5

    Brush of the rust residue with the paintbrush. Go over the wrought iron with a fine steel wool pad, again working in circular motions, to restore the iron's appearance.

    Step 6

    Dampen a sponge with plain water. Wipe down the wrought iron to remove any further residue.

    Step 7

    Allow the surface to dry. Apply a coat of rust-resistant primer to the wrought iron. Allow the primer to dry completely

    Step 8

    Apply two coats of rust resistant paint. Use a medium-bristled paint brush to apply the paint in smooth, even strokes. Let the paint fully dry in between coats. If you do not want to repaint the entire wrought iron structure, just touch it up with matching paint.

  • Dan
    on Aug 15, 2019

    Hi T. Spray a rust remover on pieces...brass wire brush surface to remove dirt,rust,ect. Rinse with hose, air dry. Spray finish with a Tremclad/Rustoleum type spray paint. Let dry..ENJOY!

  • Brush away loose rusty parts, spray with rust stopper spray paint and then re-paint. Good luck!

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