Asked on Aug 15, 2019

How do I get rid of grease clogging up kitchen drains?

CadenceNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CARozmund


5 answers
  • Margaret
    on Aug 15, 2019

    I had done vinegar and baking soda poured down them at the same time and let sit for 30 minutes and then flushed with hot water

  • Jan8462099
    on Aug 15, 2019

    Same as above.

  • Rozmund
    on Aug 15, 2019

    As above, this does work, especially if one purchases Industrial Strength Vinegar used by painters for cleaning their precious brushes..I wipe my greasy pans out with newspaper or old rags..first before washing..this helps..also, use the vinegar and "boiling" water approach that no build up is really a breeding ground for bacteria..ugh..

  • And never ever pour grease down a drain. Save soup cans, vegetable cans, coffee cans for this purpose.

  • Cadence
    on Aug 21, 2019

    Under sink there's usually a U, or J shaped pipe, you can unscrew the large nuts holding in place and manually scrape out the stuff. There's often sludge build up, and long hairs stuck in there. It's messy job. you'll wanna put a bucket or something underneath to catch water in the pipe.

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