Asked on Aug 15, 2019

How can I build a small pond?

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  • Lauren of Mom Home Guide
    on Aug 15, 2019

    You could get a patio pond from Aquascape. I have one, and it’s great!

  • You might want to start with a preformed plastic pond. Dig a hole for it to fit and place it in. Make sure it's level. Get the best pump you can afford. Buy water plants to keep it clean and prevent algae.

  • MLR
    on Aug 19, 2019

    We have had a pond for over 30 years. We dig our own. Have done this twice in 30 years. Determine how deep it needs to be. If you will have Koi - it should have a spot at least 24-36'' deep - depending on where you live. We just laid out an old garden hose in the shape we wanted - we chose a kidney shape - approx 5 x 8 feet. We dug it out (hubby did the digging) and he left a shelf around the widest part to sit planting containers for water lilies, etc. We then purchased a heavy pond liner and then laid large stones around the edge to hold in place.

    We used a double layer of heavy black plastic on our first pond - think ECONOMY. But it lasted several years.

    We have had Koi for years and years, but in just the last 3 years something has managed to get into our pond during the winter (even though it was covered with screening and netting) and feasted on our Koi. We lost NINE 14-16'' Koi 2 winter's ago, seven 6-8'' Koi last winter. We have 5 more this year and will try a 'tighter covering' this winter and HOPE. Pretty sure it was racoons. :0(

    The first year we did not use a filter or a pond pump and our water was crystal clear. We had pond lilies and plants and koi. Must have had a good balance. We now have had a home made bio filter (check out Skippie's online) for several years that keeps the water crystal clear with ZERO maintenance. and a nice waterfall pump. You can go either way. Depending on budget.

    Wishing you success!

  • MLR
    on Aug 19, 2019

    Backyard pond with Skippies bio filter and Koi.

  • MLR
    on Aug 19, 2019

    Here is the link to Skippy's pond page. LOTS of good info and stuff here. We love our bio filter. We used a 70 gallon Rubbermaid container and a bunch of 'scrubbies' we purchased from Skippy's site. Best thing we ever did! Saves so much work!!!

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