Asked on Aug 16, 2019

How can I prepare oft-painted cabinets for repainting?

SharonNan W.Cindy


Cabinets have been overpaiinted several times

4 answers
  • Kmdreamer
    on Aug 16, 2019

    Lightly sand them so the paint will stick

  • Cindy
    on Aug 16, 2019

    Hi Terri. If you don't want to spend days and days stripping and sanding your cabinets, you could try a new paint on the market. It's called Beyond Paint. It eliminates the need of stripping, sanding, priming. or sealing. It's a bit pricey though. Home Depot sells it for approx. $100 per gallon.

  • Nan W.
    on Aug 16, 2019

    Terri: I would also sand them. ...and do a good, complete job.

  • Sharon
    on Aug 22, 2019

    Nothing like a clean stripped pallet to get a good paint job.

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