Outdoor Pool Towel Rack

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2 Hours

There is nothing worse than not having a place for your wet towel when you are poolside. Purchasing an outdoor towel rack is relatively expensive. With some PVC from your local hardware store and a little time, you can build your own!

For the towel rack I wanted to build, I need to purchase the following items at my local hardware store:

  • (4) 3/4" x 10' PVC pipe
  • (8) 3/4" PVC 3-way fitting
  • (6) 3/4" PVC tee fitting
  • PVC ratcheting cutter (optional)

Cut the following pieces from the 10' pipe:

  • (11) 3' pieces
  • (2) 15.5" pieces
  • (8) 3" pieces

I used a ratcheting PVC cutter. This really made my life easy. So much better than using a hacksaw!

This step is optional, but if you want to remove the printing, you will have to sand it off. You can use paper, a block, or if you want to remove it rapidly, you can use your orbital sander.

Another idea is to paint your PVC so it is not white. A little Rustoleum can completely transform it.

Lay out five of the 3' sections and attach the three-way tees to the ends of two sections. These will be the two ends.

Attach the tee fittings to the ends of the other three 3' sections.

Lay out the pipes on a flat surface and place the 3" sections between the pipes.

Connect the 3" pieces into the 3-way fittings and continue connecting until you reach the other end. You do not NEED to use PVC glue but I do recommend using a mallet to make sure the pipes are fully connected.

Lay the fully constructed top on a flat surface upside down. Insert all four 3' pipes into the last 3-way opening. Add another 3-way fitting to the end of the pipes. Connect the last two 3' sections to the long section and finally, connect the 15.5" sections to the short sections.

Make sure to use the mallet to tighten up the connections.

Viola! And you are done. This will be able to hold up to 10 towels!

I completed this in under 2 hours (even with the extra trip to the Home Depot in between) and the total cost was $31!

Suggested materials:

  • 3/4" PVC 10' pipe  (Home Depot)
  • 3/4" PVC tee  (Home Depot)
  • 3/4" PVC 3-way fitting  (Home Depot)
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  • Kim K.
    Kim K.
    on Sep 14, 2019

    Love it! Now if only I had a pool..... 😂

  • Linda
    on May 27, 2020

    I have seen these and they were more than $30. I'm off to Lowe's!! Thank you so much for sharing.

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