Asked on Aug 18, 2019

How can I stop the resin on my deck from making the surface sticky?



I have two boards on my new deck that evidently did not get cured enough and after they had been installed and sealed, the resin began to show up....very sticky. I have used denatured alcohol, paint thinner, mineral spirits and used a wire brush and scraper with each. I even put on two coats after doctoring them of Save my Deck paint....and then even covered them with Flexal, a rubber covering....nothing has worked. Anyone got an idea how to stop the resin other than just replacing the two boards?

2 answers
  • Seth
    on Aug 18, 2019

    Are you able to see the bottom of the boards under your deck? See if the resin is coming through. If not, try turning the boards over.

  • William
    on Aug 18, 2019

    I agree with Seth. The resin will continue to leach until it's gone. Turn the boards over or replace them.

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