Asked on Aug 20, 2019

How can I redo my kitchen tabletop?

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I purchased a kitchen table and it seems that it bubbles or scorches if something hot was put on it(like a plate of food, pizza box).....the scorching would go away but the black would look looks like it’s just a layer of fake wood over the maybe I could scrap it off and repaint it or something. It’s just a horrible table top for a kitchen table....

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  • Regardless of table top surface, one should always use trivits, placemats, coasters. That way you can avoid any mishaps.

    Can you post a photo?

  • Cynthia H
    on Aug 20, 2019

    My daughter has a table whose finish scratches and marks easily. I'm convinced the best method would be to strip and paint it, but she's unsure since she worries it will not match her set. I think a good sealed finish is the answer, but Naomi's point is right. I spent hours redoing my table and I use placemats etc. to protect my hard work. The factory finish these days really isn't always very durable, and the type of wood is a factor too.

  • Add tile on top of the wood. It will be heat proof too

  • Janet
    on Aug 26, 2019

    Just tossing this out here since we have no idea about the table other than it's black and possible fake wood on top.

    You can sand it down and see how it turns out. If it is black paint or even stain, you have the color matched at Home Depot or any paint store.

    If you like farm house tables, put wood planks on the top and paint the bottom white.

    Her are some great ideas...

    Rethink tile with grout.... unless you seal the grout really well OFTEN, it really can harbor a lot of nasty germs.

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