Asked on Aug 21, 2019

How can I make a DIY garbage disposal cleaner?

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Out of store packets need a quick house handy substitute and cheaper too

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  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Aug 21, 2019

    Go to the dollar store and buy the following: a new toilet brush, rubber gloves, vinegar, baking soda & lime away.

    Start with the toilet brush and put lime away on it like toothpaste, stick it down inside the garbage disposal and brush her teeth, in around everything you can reach, with the brush.

    With the brush still down in the garbage disposal run the water on the brush down there before you pull it out because it will be nasty! Gently pull the brush out with the water still running on it and rinse it off. Run the garbage disposal.

    Now time to put in baking soda down the drain, and vinegar on top of it. It should make a big Bubbley mess.

    After it’s bubbled five minutes put the rinsed off toilet brush down there and brush her teeth again. Rinse everything as in the previous steps.

    In the future, I would dump an entire bottle of dollar store vinegar down the drain at night, and let it sit there all night long-

    it will be down inside the trap, it will not be in the garbage disposal obviously,

    but it will help break down the biofilm .

    The key to cleaning garbage disposal’s is mechanical removal of the slime. So brush her teeth at least once a month, LOL

  • The Inspired Workshop
    on Aug 21, 2019

    We always use fresh lemon peel or slices thrown down the disposal, immediately the kitchen smells amazing and lemon fresh! If done every week or so, it stays odorless. And then ice is what we throw down it to easily sharpen and clean the blades...straight out of the freezer, not out of a drink! Works like a charm! Hope this helps!

  • Sharon
    on Aug 27, 2019

    Quarter a lemon and add a couple ice cubes.

  • Bushra
    on Aug 30, 2019

    Here you go, looks very helpful tutorial..

    Hope it helps!


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