How to Easily Paint Flowers on Furniture

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2 Days

This makeover is definitely one of my very favorites! I'll be honest that I was nervous about stenciling on the flowers, but it all came together very easy!

This is what the dresser looked like before the makeover.

The drawers weren't working very well, the feet were broken and it was just all over a sad piece of furniture.

I didn't care much for the flare on the feet anyway, so I knocked off the flares and then sounded the legs into a round shape. They look SO much better now!

Then I prepped the dresser for paint. This is honestly the most important part to any furniture makeover. If you skip this step you very well will have a painted finish that scratches off really easily, or even peels off! Make sure to scuff sand and clean your furniture really well before painting.

After prep, I painted it with a beautiful light blue paint.

Click here for the exact supplies that I used in this makeover!

Once the paint was dry I went to work with the stencils to create a floral pattern on the front of the dresser.

I cut the stencil up into smaller sections so they were easier to work with.

Then I played around with where I wanted to place them until I got a little idea of how I wanted them.

One of the best tricks to painting with a stencil is to use a removable adhesive to keep your stencil completely attached to the dresser.

So I gave the back of the stencils a light spray with the adhesive, waited a minute per the instructions on the can, and placed the stencils right where I wanted them. The spray was strong enough to hold the stencils in place, but not too strong that it made removing them difficult. And it didn't leave any residue on the dresser.

Then I got the smallest amount of white paint onto my brush, dabbed more of it off into a paper towel, and then lightly dabbed the paint into the stencil. You really don't want very much paint on the brush or else the paint will bleed under the stencil and create a blob of paint that just doesn't look good.

If you run out of paint while painting the stencil, just reload your brush with the tiniest amount of paint again. it really is super important to not have too much paint on it.

I immediately pulled the stencils off, and decided where to place it next.

Then I continued the process until the front of the dresser was full of florals.

I ended up going for an all over look, though I'll admit that wasn't my initial plan. But I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out!

Click here for many more tips and tricks on how to stencil, including the exact supplies that I used for this makeover to make it super simple!

Suggested materials:

  • Blue Paint
  • White Paint
  • Flower Stencil
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2 questions
  • Judy Lynette Mayes
    on Aug 31, 2019

    How do you avoid smearing the wet paint when you pull the stencil off? Or when you reposition it for the next flower? Do you need to clean the paint off the stencil to avoid smears? What is the stencil made of?

    • Neva Dew
      on Dec 30, 2019

      Toni: I've never done stenciling, but the demos I've seen stress to use a Very DRY brush. Then there's no paint to bleed. Also use an up and down dabbing technique. Hope this helps!

  • Lori Ward-Laatsch
    on Aug 31, 2020

    You removed the wheels..........why? I have a dresser with a mirror on it that has the wheels and I was debating if they stay or go, stay means easy to move since I am single and old LOL. But it isn't exactly attractive. Would love to know your thoughts on it.

    BTW it turned out so beautiful! I am so wanting to do the dresser I have but pretty scared to do it.

    • Lori Ward-Laatsch
      on Sep 1, 2020

      I hadn't thought of painting them. Maybe when I get the courage to attempt to do my dresser, which I got at the Habitat store for dirt cheap, I will see how they look painted.

      I have seen dressers, similar to the one I have, that they painted the bottom and left the top and mirror wood but stained and shellacked or whatever. And a few they used transfers that I loved too.

      Thanks to you both for the reply!

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  • Dl.5660408
    on Sep 1, 2020

    So pretty! The original shape was actually one of my favorite parts of your dresser, however you did an excellent job of reshaping them and they look awesome

  • Valerie Burge
    on Sep 1, 2020

    Such a delicate and pretty outcome!! Great job.

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