Asked on Aug 25, 2019

How can I make a small piece that says year of "2021"?

JaniceEverything PrettyTinyshoes


I need to make the year 2021 approximately 1/2" wide and 1/4" tall. Something like you would find on a graduation tassel.

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  • Tinyshoes
    on Aug 25, 2019

    Teresa....You can stencil on a piece of wood or cut cardboard/material and string for a banner then add the numbers with a stencil and paint. Numbers can be purchased in several materials at craft stores and many are stand alone so you could paint or stain. Hope this gives you some ideas!

  • Everything Pretty
    on Aug 25, 2019

    Shrink plastic might work, too.

  • Janice
    on Aug 25, 2019

    Draw the numbers you want in the size you want....perhaps using your computer and select a font and size that is appropriate and print out. Use hot glue over the printed number. Let cool and then spray paint whatever color you want. Let dry, then remove the numbered piece from the piece of paper. Easy peasey!

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