Asked on Sep 2, 2019

How can I make a floor tree branch light using hanging lights?

CindyTeacup8885Lynn Sorrell


i want to make a standing floor tree branch light fixture with hanging lights I have. Anyone have ideas?

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  • Mona Blake
    on Sep 2, 2019

    You will need to get a drill bit long enough to drill down the center for the cord to come through. You will need a solid base to keep it standing. Either a pot with cement or a large base. Please post it when you ate done!

  • Teacup8885
    on Sep 3, 2019

    Maybey trysmall hook screws big enuf to fit cord, put them up the back alternating the hook opening n lace in!?

  • Cindy
    on Sep 9, 2019

    Hi Jennifer. I'm Cindy. This sort of decorating gives lots of drama to a room. I'm assuming that you already have the tree branch. I like the idea of using cup hooks to attach the lights. I have seen cup hooks that have a small flap to enclose the cord. That would be great for this project. You may be able to stand the branch up using a Christmas Tree stand. Just put a piece of fabric to cover the stand. And, lastly, I recommend that you put an Up-Light under the branch. This will create light and shadows in the room and ceiling. Very dramatic. You can purchase one at Home Depot, Lowe's or Menard's. Approx $15. I would love to see your results here on Home Talk. Good luck Jennifer.

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