Stuff to Do With Modge Podge and Old Bottles and Watering Can

I should have done a step-by-step but I think it's easy enough. Find any old or new bottle with labels removed.
Next, find a picture or label that you like and cut or tear and figure out where you want on your project, I'll be posting more tomorrow, I think you get how to measure...Karen, the Graphics Fairy is where I go for any label, background or just beautiful picture to download and for those who don't know, her pictures are FREE! And better yet, she has links for more ways to do bottles or other mediums. I get lost in the amount of pictures she has found for us! Anyway, find a picture or old apothecary label and grab your Modge Podge and soak front and back of picture and place on the bottle.
Next is decorating. Find your favorite ribbon or jute or just leave plain. I love jute for this beachy pic also from the Grapics Fairy! Take ribbon and wrap around however long you want it and cut. I applied Modge Podge around the neck of the bottle and also on the jute to make it limp. Don't worry, it dries perfect. Wrap it around and leave to dry. If it doesn't work for you, there is always handy dandy E6000 or hot glue. Next, I don't know if you can see the glitter but, I dabbed some MP in the mermaids hair and added glitter. Then found an old button that resembled a pearl for the oyster to give more dimension. That I used hot glue for adhesion. I love embellishing! The rest is up to your imagination! I have also distressed as shown below on a water can with dark wax after the picture dries.
For the water can. I used the Outdoor Modge Podge.
I hope the directions were easy enough. I wish I had done a step by step. I teach this every month and always forget while I'm teaching. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Have fun!
The result on can was the result after giving up on the water slide transfer method. I just couldn't get it to apply and before I threw the dan out the window, my client chose this pic. I used the Outdoor MP and dark waxed it. Sorry for rambling. I hope it wasn't too much and you got the gist of it!
Hope to see all of your projects!!!

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