Asked on Sep 4, 2019

How do I install a self standing shower insert on top of a tile floor?

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We are looking to install a self-standing corner shower unit. Can it be put right over the top of an existing mosaic tile floor ?There is currently no existing plumbing-fixtures to deal with -just the stubbed out water lines and drain in wall/floor.Any advice on wall prep ?--it is currently a stained pallet wood wall .Thanks!

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  • Dee
    on Sep 4, 2019

    Lowes and Home Depot have people who can help you with that. Take a picture and bring it to their bathroom department.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Sep 4, 2019

    Are you talking about a fiberglass or an acrylic complete shower system? One with side panels and a matching shower pan?

    If so, it should come with instructions on how to install/mount it. The panels must be at least 72” above the shower pan, and the shower head at least 60”, by Code.

    I would remove the current wall finish in there so that you can find the studs, no matter what you’re using.

    The walls at the top of the panels should be covered in water-resistant drywall, with a membrane under the bottom 2”, like flashing.

    Also the ceiling will need the same drywall.

    This is by Code for our health and safety.

    Prime well and 2 full coats high gloss latex enamel, if you’re going to paint it vs. plastic panels or tile.

    Yes, the base can be put over the existing floor, as long as it’s fastened to the floor or walls and doesn’t move.

    The existing floor drain will have to be opened up and a shower “tail pipe” will have to be installed. That’s best done by a plumber.

    • Handyman Bob
      on Sep 4, 2019

      it is a full system --matching base, side walls and frameless glass door/outer walls. It is a corner unit --so no additional walls.

      The ceiling will be 2'x 4' sealed tin tile --so not sure if I will be able to put the sheetrock in the ceiling --I will consult my plumber on this--since we originally were going to go with a claw foot tub with a full shower curtain ring --and they said the existing materials choices were okay with that setup.

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