Build A Catio ~ a Tiny Screen House for Kitty Cats!

Okay, call us crazy cat people and we'll confess to being guilty as charged! Ever since I saw a few ideas on the internet for making cat enclosures for inside cats to enjoy the outdoors, I have wanted to make one.
Luckily, my husband liked the idea even more than I did! So it was time to build a catio! For $280 in materials, our three housecats can now sniff the breezes, watch the birds and feel like queens of the jungle in their own little 3ft by 6ft screened enclosure!
I drew up plans for a simple rectangular structure that would attach to the back of our house. A laundry room window with the screen removed serves as the portal to adventure!
If you have ever painted pressure treated lumber, you will know it sucks the paint right off the brush! It took as long to paint two coats on the catio as it did to frame it up! Don't forget to also paint wood strips for covering the stapled screen panels.
Metal screening was used so it would keep our cat's safe from bugs (and keep insects out of the house!). Our cats don't claw screens. But, if your cat does, weld wire or chicken wire could be used instead.
Our cats are loving their new outdoors ventures and we have to chase them back inside some nights. (I do close and lock the window when we are away and at night).
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See more pictures and construction details on Our Fairfield Home and Garden's blog post by clicking on the link below.

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    Barb Rosen

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      • Barb Rosen
        Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE
        on Aug 24, 2014

        @Miriam I ~ here's the Catio I was trying to post!

        • Carole
          Carole Australia
          on Aug 25, 2014

          Great idea. Animals need to feel the fresh air and see the sky and outdoors. I saw somewhere - might have been on tv or magazine, that someone built a run for their cat that was like a tube of wire mesh with resting spots along the way that ran around the inside fence of their garden. That way the kitties could feel like they had more freedom of movement around the yard but were still safely contained. Happy kitties, happy wildlife. Not everyone's garden would be conducive to such a scheme of mesh tunnels. You have done well for your kitties with the space you have and I am sure they are all the happier for it! Good for you.

            • Carole
              Carole Australia
              on Aug 25, 2014

              @Z Ah -thanks Becky - I knew I had seen this somewhere, but I think I also saw on a lifestyle TV show. What great ideas for happy kitties.