Asked on Sep 6, 2019

Can you give me ideas for making over this buffet?

Teresa Seeger-GesserWilliamRobyn Garner


Trying to decide how to redo this piece. I’m leaning towards painting it a cream color with a dark top. Thoughts? This is the room it’ll be in. Thanks all!

Rough top. May put some kind of new top on or...???

Will keep hardware. Just need to find knobs for doors.

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  • Barbars
    on Sep 6, 2019

    That sounds like it would look very nice.

  • Nan W.
    on Sep 6, 2019

    I've had VERY good luck with this product... it may be perfect for your buffet

  • Gk
    on Sep 6, 2019

    Beautiful old buffet! Looks like the top may be veneer because of the way it is chipped/worn on the left edge. You could try sanding the veneer but you will have to be very careful because it is thin and may crack more. You could then stain and poly it. You could add/build a farm house looking top over the top that is there using 1x4's and stain and poly that. You could also paint the top. You can fill in the damage with some wood putty and sand it smooth before you paint. The rest of your buffet can be painted with chalk paint. There will be little or no prep involved. You can distress if you like or leave it solid. You will have to add a finish of wax or poly! I vote for the wax! Save the beautiful old hardware/pulls and clean them up to reuse!

    Here's a beautiful idea!

  • Megan
    on Sep 6, 2019

    I think that sounds like a great idea! I LOVE cream colored chalk paint with dark wax! It would look great against your wall color too.

    The chest below I did in Annie Sloans Old Ochre and dark wax. You can do the top in Gel stain! GF Java gel is my favorite! :)

    • Megan
      on Sep 6, 2019

      Below is another pic of a dinning room painted in Annie Sloan Old Ochre and I used the GF Java Gel stain for the top of the table! :)

  • Robyn Garner
    on Sep 7, 2019

    It sounds lovely. I agree the top most likely is veneer/damaged too deeply to strip and stain so if you want a wood top you should probably plan to replace it. I would get one of the rub 'n buff finishes to do the hardware so they're bright and updated like the piece will be.

    • Robyn Garner
      on Sep 8, 2019

      My go to has always been water based poly. Once finished, I don't want to have to return to a piece to keep it up. Wax requires upkeep.

      I'm just about to start my first DOY chalk paint (mixed w Plaster of Paris as it's cheap) project. I'm sealing that w matte poly to keep the chalky look.

      Rub 'N Buff is a metal refurbisher for the hardware though personally I'd replace them. has lots of hardware quite cheap. Used it for large stainless pulls for new kitchen at 1/10th the cost of Home Depot.

  • William
    on Sep 9, 2019

    Fill in the imperfections on the tip with wood putty. Paint the top a dark color paint the case the cream color. Make sure you prime with Kilz primer then paint. Seal with three coats of a water based poly.

  • Teresa Seeger-Gesser
    on Sep 10, 2019

    Find something that inspires you. It could be the color of an old picture frame, or a photograph of a visit to the beach.

    Look at a fresh box box of crayons - choose ten. Then choose 5. Then choose 3. You WILL find a color that you are drawn too.

    Take your time too, no hurry - no worry.

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