Asked 2 days ago

How can I make a coffee table from an old wagon wheel?

Joanne GouldDesertRoseJohnavallance82


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  • Judi
    2 days ago

    if you go on Pinterest, you can find several ideas!!

  • Johnavallance82

    Hello Joanne,

    A Tree Stump type Log, place Wagon wheel. Drill into stump to secure wheel. Buy Safety Plate Glass approx 4" dia. larger than the wheel and place on top.

    Hope that helps.............Enjoy!

  • DesertRose
    2 hours ago

    Joanne, My dad did the same as Johnavallance suggested, but he added a 1/4 inch plywood under it so he could place arrowheads and other rocks from his collection under the glass. It made a wonderful conversation piece.

  • Joanne Gould
    7 minutes ago

    Sounds awesome!

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