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How can I reinforce this bookcase so it can withstand weight?



I bought this bookcase 2nd hand. It is a little wobbly. Afraid not strong enough for books in kids room. Anyway of reinforcing it, yet still look nice?

q how to strengthen the book case
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  • Flipturn
    2 days ago

    How are the shelves attached to the frame? Are they screwed in, snapped in? etc.

    Are the shelves hollow wood, or solid wood?

    Before putting any weighted items on the unit, I would recommend attaching the frame to the wall with brackets. This will prevent it from tipping forward and falling over.

  • Robyn Garner
    2 days ago

    Sadly what you have is a very lightweight display etegere, not a bookshelf. If would not trust any part of it to hold weight - especially in a kids' room! Please look for something else for books.

    You can even use cheap gutter lengths on the wall for books and it will be SAFE.

  • Aiokersonalicea1
    2 days ago

    If you desire to keep this piece what I would do personally would add some form of bracing on the back side.

    Years ago I saw some with bracing that came with it when you bought.

    To make it decorative you might want to use some baseboard molding and attach it with some bolts and nuts.

    Whatever you decide to do may all go well.

  • Riva Sue
    2 days ago

    I would maybe try bracketing the shelving unit to the studs on the rear wall. Brackets like the attached image could maybe make it more secure.

  • Rymea
    2 days ago

    Attach it to the wall in two places, one on each side, at about 2/3rd of the height. Try to attach it to at least one wall studs if possible. Otherwise use strong wall anchors. If you can get the back right against the wall that would be best. Another thing you could do is attach a 1"x 4" to the wall studs where the top would be. Paint the board to match and attach the unit to it. It would probably look like part of the top of the unit.

  • Janet
    2 days ago

    By the time you spent all the money trying to reinforce this to hold weight, you could order a nice bookshelf from Amazon.

    I agree with Robyn, it looks like display shelf and not meant to bear weight.

  • Flipturn
    5 hours ago

    Agree with Janet and Robyn.

  • Deb
    Just now

    Thank you all for the insight and suggestions.


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