Asked 4 days ago

How do I get rid of fleas?

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  • Chris
    4 days ago

    Suggest you “bomb” the home. You can buy these at Walmart . Start at the furthest room work your way out of the dwelling opening them room by room. Check the instructions for how big an area each covers to know how many you’ll need. You must stay out of the home for a few hrs.... I then wipe down all surfaces with a good cleaner when coming back in....Also treat your pets by bathing them with a flea shampoo , if they have them bad the pet may need dipped.. after bout a week or 2 treat your pet with Frontline.. and keep doing this monthly as directed..

  • PattiKayKake
    4 days ago

    After treating pets, vacuum carpets and throw out the fleas inside the bag.

    Get a box of 20 Mule Team Borax. Sprinkle it all over your carpets. Rake or broom it into the rugs until you can't see it. It will kill fleas and eggs when they hatch. Safe for babies and pets.

  • Elaine
    21 minutes ago

    If you have them in the house, you have to treat the yard, use Sevin granulated. Follow directions on the Sevin

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