Asked on Sep 12, 2019

How can I redo a wooden chair in granny squares?



4 answers
  • Flipturn
    on Sep 12, 2019

    'Wooden' is too vague of a description to know what your chair looks like.

    Please post a picture so that we can see what you are starting with.

  • Redcatcec
    on Sep 12, 2019

    Do you want to paint your chair?

    Cover with a granny square quilt?

    Not sure what your project is, could you describe it further?

  • Marilyn
    on Sep 12, 2019

    Really all I need to know is about putting the decapod on the chair and how to use the decapod with material and how to seal

  • Flipturn
    on Sep 15, 2019


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