Asked on Sep 13, 2019

How do I close in my fireplace?

Jacquelyn HoustonKate


hi, I want to close in the front o my fireplace. Any sugguestions

2 answers
  • Kate
    on Sep 13, 2019

    you need to make sure the chimney is closed off properly - there was a hometalk that had a problem because this was not done. once you have that done FUN!!

    take a sheet of plywood, cut to fit. then take rounds of tree branches and glue them down so that it looks like you have a load of firewood inserted

    or same thing, but paint a picture - make a few for seasonal effect.

    get old windows and frame them to fit the opening - use faux glass painting technique. again, seasonal. put fairy lights with a remote switch behind them

  • Jacquelyn Houston
    on Sep 13, 2019

    i like the picture suggestion. Thanks

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