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Cleaning Wood Floors, Cleaning The Right Way

Cleaning a wood floor is frustrating. I have heard a zillion ways to clean. And well meaning people are giving their green cleaning methods, but they don't understand about wood floor sealers and the damage they are even doing to their wood floors. So I want to clear up why not use their recipes and why to use the right way to clean your floors.
Why Not Use Vinegar? It is natural! My Grandmother used it! So what can I use is natural instead? And everyone says it's okay! Why do you think you know so much.
I have cleaned for 25 years. I have a cleaning business. I use the manufactory guidelines. Not everyone else's. Because they know their floors.
Vinegar Why Not?
Wood floors have a sealer. The sealer protects the wood. Some wood floors are compressed. If you damage the sealers on wood floors it damages the wood. Sealers protect wood. So you need to protect the sealer!
Vinegar is a acid. Vinegar will etch the sealer. Until it reaches the wood, then it damages the wood.
This is a natural recipe. Simple! I promise!
For a floor that isn't really dirty use this.
Micro fiber mop
Spray bottle of water
Spray the micro fiber mop with water. Then mop. Then dry dry dry!
Steam cleaners are the very worst cleaner for your floor! They force water into the wood. Instead of damaging the sealer it's going straight to the wood instead!
For a really really dirty floor use this instead.
A micro fiber mop
Bucket of water
A drop or two of dish soap. If it says good for hands it is PH balanced.
I wring the micro fiber mop, wring it again and a third time for good measure. Mop and rinse it. Then I thrown down towels and use the mop to dry the heck out of the floor. I keep the floor dry.
I say go by your manufacture directions.
There are two I use.
Micro fiber mop.
I use Bona. I spray mine into the mop. Not into the floor nor do I use anyone's special expensive mop. Some people over saturate their floors and it get yucky. So I spray mine into the mop and mop.
I also use Bruce's floor cleaner especially on exotic woods. It has a alcohol smell but does great.
I don't get paid or products from any of this recommendations it's what I prefer.
Here is a link from a major manufacturer of wood floors. If I can't clear up the confusion maybe they can!
Cleaning Wood Floors
Cleaning Wood Floors

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2 questions
  • Judy Malle
    on Dec 24, 2016

    My dog urinated on my hardwood floor and took the finish off to bare wood. Also, my cleaning lady used a wet mop on the floor and left streaks that dulled the finish. Is there anything I can do to cover or correct the dull finish?

    • Sherrie
      on Dec 24, 2016

      Yes it is temporary but it will give it a great shine. Bona has one and it will leave the floors shiny. It wears off so be prepared I use it on a customers floor that her finish is also messed up. We used Bona floor Polish it is like wax

  • Nina
    on May 29, 2017

    My wood floors have water damage haw I can clean that?
    • Sherrie
      on May 30, 2017

      I would sweep and keep water on your floors minimal.
      You could use a temporary sealer like bona they have a high gloss sealer and it gives the floors a temporary sealer and it is cheaper than stripping, sanding and sealing your floors. They have other brands besides Bona it is easy to put on but it has to be reapplied several times a year. bit since it isn't hard to do it's no big deal and it will help give your floors a shine and protection .

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  • Paticia G
    on Nov 2, 2016

    We use Bona and find that it does a god job

  • Sherrie
    on Nov 5, 2016

    I use it in mine also but it doesn't work well for exotic woods.

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