Asked on Sep 16, 2019

How can I clean sun- blocker curtains?

Robyn GarnerTinyshoesLinda


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  • Deb K
    on Sep 16, 2019

    Hi Nancy, hope this link helps, it has all the different fabrics and materials listed on it as well as cleaning methods for each

  • Linda
    on Sep 17, 2019

    It depends upon the kind of fabric. If you have nothing to lose I would wash them on a gentle cycle and hang them to dry

  • Tinyshoes
    on Sep 17, 2019

    Nancy...You can drape them over a clothesline, spray on some Krud Kutter or whatever product you have and hose off. They will need to be turned and cleaned on the other side. The sun will dry, then turn for the other side. Hope this works for you if you try.

  • Robyn Garner
    on Sep 23, 2019

    By law, there should be a fabric content tag and a fabric washing/care tag on the curtains somewhere. Check at the top/bottom seam corners or between the decor fabric and blackout fabric for the tags.

    Personally, I don't feel things are really cleaned without washing in most cases. I would put them in my large front load washer (or at the laundromat) and wash on warm or cool water, gentle cycle.

    IF you see any color dye runs, you can wash again (or soaking is better if you have a front load washer at home) in COLD water with table salt to set the dye. Rinse (and extra rinse if at home) in cold. There should be no more dye runs but if so, repeat the salt rinse.

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