1. From Tired and Tatty to Cute and Quirky

Upcycling can be a great way to transform your home on a budget, as this talented Hometalker demonstrates. Purchasing a chair for just $3 from Goodwill, it took them just five days to turn the battle-scarred bones of a well-loved chair into a cute and quirky addition to their home, with the help of leftover fabric and a lick of paint.   Get tutorial here

2. Add a Touch of Glamor with Glitter

Dated upholstery can really ruin the look of your living room chairs, but Hometalker Debi Beard found an easy and effective way to improve them – by incorporating a little glitter! Using paint combined with a fine-grit glitter to add a touch of glam to the tired furnishing, she managed to transform her interior in no time at all.  Get tutorial here

3. Restore Cat-Scratched Chairs to Their Pre-Cat Glory

Cats have many good qualities, but their treatment of chairs isn’t one of them. They have a habit of destroying all-things fabric, but it might not be time to take damaged seats to the dump just yet. Instead, follow in the footsteps of this Hometalker by restoring them to their former glory – using just fabric, a sewing machine, and some Heat 'n Bond!  Get tutorial here

4. Turn Stained Fabric into Sublime Fashion

Badly stained fabrics can destroy the look of your furniture, but that doesn’t stop you from turning tired and tatty living room chairs into chic and sophisticated furnishings. Make like Hometalker Robin and invest a little time into sanding, sewing, and seeing what lies beneath, and you could soon find yourself with a sublimely stylish seat for your home. Get tutorial here

5. Create Vintage Glamor with Velvet

Dated upholstery can really pull down your interior styling, but it doesn’t take a lot to turn old-fashioned into on-trend, as Hometalker Jessie proves. Spending just $30, it took her a mere two days to transform this armchair from granny chic to glamorous, thanks to some fabric paint and a few new buttons.  Get tutorial here

6. Paint Your Very Own Masterpiece

Sometimes you can have a chair that’s in great shape, but you simply hate the upholstery. If this is the case, don’t be tempted to take it to the dump – transform it with fabric paint instead. Hometalker Virginia B is the perfect person to show you how it’s done, having achieved her own masterpiece using Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, sandpaper, and wax. Get tutorial here

7. Add Some Stylish Stencil Work

Leather living room chairs have long been a fashion staple, but they can still end up looking tired and dated. If you want to take them from early noughties chic to perfectly in vogue, Royal Design Studio stencils and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint are just the ticket to transform them, as this Hometalker so perfectly demonstrates. Get tutorial here

8. Reupholster for Retro Chic

If the pattern appeals but the fabric doesn’t, your furniture may have potential as an upcycling project, as Hometalker Joy so cleverly demonstrates. Transforming a tired old chair into a sublimely stylish seat in five simple steps, she proves that a lick of paint and a change of material can make all the difference.  Get tutorial here

9. Paint Your Leather Living Room Chairs

Hometalker TJ Harvey is also the perfect person to show you how this is done. Once they start to fade, leather living room chairs quickly begin to look shabby – but that doesn’t mean you need to replace them. Instead, invest in some special leather paint to turn sun-faded and smooth seats into sublimely stylish furniture that’s fully restored to its former glory. Get tutorial here

10. Turn Dull Wood into Driftwood Chic

Wood has a timeless elegance to it, but shade and tone can have an impact on how stylish it looks. That’s why this Hometalker gave their armchairs a classic makeover, complete with new upholstery, to turn a slightly dated look into driftwood chic for a mere $40. Get tutorial here

11. Use Milk Paint to Work Miracles

Fabric tends to be the quickest part of your furnishings to go out of date, but luckily, there are lots of ways to give it a makeover. Milk paint is one of them, as demonstrated by Hometalker Chandra. Adhering well to raw materials, it only requires a light sanding and some wax to make your seat feel soft and supple again. Get tutorial here

12. Use Fabric Markers for a Fashionable Makeover

There are lots of different ways to give your furnishings a facelift, but one of the simplest is to use fabric markers to create accent chairs for your living room. Costing just $5 and taking only 30 minutes to achieve, this amazing makeover from Carolina has helped to transform a plain and boring seat into a chic and stylish addition to her home. Get tutorial here

13. Scrub and Oil Your Living Room Lounge Chair

Sometimes the simplest fixes are the most effective, as demonstrated by Hometalker, Charlee Hunter. Deciding to restore an antique armchair that had been passed down through her family, she opted to keep things simple with a quick scrub and oil. She finished her transformation with some new cushions to add a modern twist to this vintage classic.  Get tutorial here

14. Spritz on Spray Paint for Modern Living Room Chairs

To achieve an out-there look with minimal expenditure, this Hometalker had an ingenious solution: a bottle of spray paint and some new upholstery. Transforming an unwanted piece of furniture into a stylish modern living room chair, she spent just $10 and four hours on achieving this dramatic makeover. Get tutorial here

15. Add an Ottoman

Living room chairs are a great place to kick back and relax, but if you really want to feel like you can put your feet up in peace, you might want to add an ottoman. Costing just $35 to make and taking only four hours to complete, you’ll need a wooden crate, casters, screws, and wood stain to copy this gorgeous design by Alicia W. Add in a pillow and you’re done!  Get tutorial here

16. Create French Chic by Doubling up on Seats

If you want to inject a touch of style and sophistication into your interior, try emulating this amazing double seat from Hometalker From Evija with Love. Made from two old chairs, an MDF board, and some homemade molding, it adds the most beautiful French accent that uplifts and enhances the room around it.  Get tutorial here

17. Turn an Old Headboard into an Amazing Armchair

When it comes to upcycling projects, all it takes is a little imagination and some ingenuity, as demonstrated by this amazing armchair. Created from an old wooden headboard, this dramatic transformation cost just $30 to achieve and took just six hours to complete. All you’ll need to recreate it is a handsaw, some screws, and the ability to think outside the box.  Get tutorial here

18. Create Accent Chairs for Your Living Room

In order to add accent chairs to your interior, you might imagine that you’d need to spend, but by following Hometalker Noting Grace’s example, it’s perfectly easy to do it yourself. Costing a mere $75, she transformed a tired old leather armchair into this on-trend seat using a clever no-sew method. The result is an absolutely stunning piece of focal furniture that really completes the room!  Get tutorial here