Asked on Sep 21, 2019

How can I line refrigerator shelves for easy cleaning?



Is there a plastic sheet of some sort that can be set on the fridge and can be peeled off easily. Or another method?

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  • Gk
    on Sep 21, 2019

    You could try Contac paper. There is a thinner version that is more peelable than the original version.

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on Sep 21, 2019

    you can find in rolls, clear plastic liners for refrigerators and also for shelving I got mine at Home Depot and it wipes clean

  • Alberta Coulter
    Alberta Coulter
    on Sep 21, 2019

    Try using Glad press and seal. It will protect the shelf and peel off easily. The stuff is great for a lot more than sealing a dish. Need to keep a cast dry? Press and Seal. Want to paint without having to take off all the hardware? Press and Seal. It sticks to anythhing, including skin, but comes off easily. You can also purchase sheets of plastic that are made for the purpose. They don't stick to the shelf but are easily taken out to be washed before being put back in.

  • Brigette
    on Sep 21, 2019

    You could use plexiglass. Most glass shops would have in stock and could cut to size for free or minimal charge.

  • Pamela
    on Sep 21, 2019

    Yes , use a shelf liner , NOT the kind with the sticky back !!! Just cut it and lay it down . It can be wiped down or taken off the shelf and washed and dried and put back down .

  • Rymea
    on Sep 22, 2019

    It sounds like more trouble than just wiping the shelf.

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