Asked on Sep 25, 2019

Is there a DIY formula for protecting plants from insects and disease?

MGMNUnexpected EleganceWilliam


any homemade formula to control garden plants from fungus, insects, or any other disease etc. ?Thanks

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  • Patriciacooper
    on Sep 25, 2019

    Cayenne pepper

  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
    on Sep 25, 2019

    1 tbsp dr. Bronner's Castile soap soap to a large spray bottle of water for controlling insects. Spray on the underside of the leaf

  • William
    on Sep 26, 2019

    There are all kinds of recipes for specific remedies. Too many to list. You can do a Google search.

  • Unexpected Elegance
    Unexpected Elegance
    on Sep 27, 2019

    Depending on the problem, i've used peppermint oil. I just put it in a spray bottle (about 10 drops) with water and a little alcohol.

  • MGMN
    on Oct 2, 2019

    First of all you need to identify your insects, they could possibly be beneficial insects and you don't want to get rid of them. If your plants have other problems such as fungus or bacteria, try 100% organic Neem Oil Concentrate, it's made from the seed of the Neem tree which grows in India, it acts as a insecticide, fungicide and bactericide. Just mix according to package directions and it can be used as a foliar spray or water the plants with it for systemic treatment. It's so safe the women of India use it on their faces for beautiful skin.

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