Keep Your Life in Order With a Custom Desk Organizer

If the mess of your desk is driving you mad, stop what you’re doing right now and take a look at Hometalk’s top organizers. Using just about any type of material you can think of, our community members have created some incredible desk organizers. From budget drawer tidies to repurposed filing units, these projects are ideal for any home. So, if you’re ready to be inspired and create the perfect desk organizer, check out these delightful projects.

By Best Of Hometalk

1. Colorful Desk Organization Ideas

When it comes to desk organization ideas, you don’t need a ton of materials. For this project, all Hometalker Dee M needed was some mason jars, a bit of spray paint, and

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DIY desk organization ideas

2. Paperwork Works with This Wood Desk Organizer

By dismantling an old shelf and purchasing some hooks, Hometalker Anika created this cute desk organizer for her daughter. A top tip is to use ¾” plywood if you don’t

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desk paper organizer

3. Stylish Office Desk Organizer

For a fraction of the price you’d pay at a trendy store, you can make this stylish desk organizer. For this project, Stacy used some old tin cans, decorative vases, and a

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DIY desk top organizer

4. From Bill Holder to Desk Organizer Tray

When it comes to desk organizer ideas, you don’t always have to start from scratch. For this desk organizer tray, Hometalker Patina Paradise simply repurposed an old bill

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desk mail organizer

5. From Cereal Boxes to Desk Organizer

Did you know you can make an office desk organizer with cereal boxes? For this project, Cathy went against the grain by using some scrapbook paper and her creative

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DIY desk paper organizer

6. Easy but Elaborate Office Desk Organizer

Using old materials is a great way to save money and create an office desk organizer like this one. To recreate this, start with a wooden board. Then, take an old mail

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office desk organizer

7. Tin Can Creative Desk Organization Ideas

Tin lasts a lifetime, which is why this desk organizer as practical as it is attractive. To copy Katie’s idea, start with a selection of tin cans of varying sizes. Remove

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metal DIY desk organizer

8. In a Spin with This Quirky Desk Organizer

For a desk organizer with a difference, try this idea from Cindy. To start, take four empty CD cases and insert some decorative pictures. From there, glue the edges of

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rotating desk organizer

9. Wonderfully Rustic Wood Desk Organizer

To make a wood desk organizer like this, dismantle a pallet and cut the two shortest slats at a 45-degree angle. Next, screw the two longest slats to the shortest side of

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Rustic Wood Desk Organizer

10. Picture Perfect Desk Organizer

Take one photo frame, fabric, and glue to recreate this desk organizer from Rob and Courtney. Cut your fabric to fit the inner dimensions of the frame and glue it to the

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personalized desk organizer

11. Micro Desk Drawer Organizer

Short on space? No problem. This desk drawer organizer is ideal for the essentials, for example, a pen and a pencil. To make it yourself, take a wooden divider from in

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DIY rotating desk organizer

12. A Star in the Desk Organizer Universe

One of the simplest desk organizer ideas our community has come up with is this one from Mark. Instead of working with wood and screws, he used shipping boxes and paint.

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desk book organizer

13. Save Space & Money with This Organizer

Don’t spend a fortune on a desk organizer. Instead, try this crafty design from Wendy using empty toilet paper rolls. To start, cut the cardboard toilet paper holders to

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DIY desktop organizer