Lovely Ways to Style Your Bed on the Floor

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A bed frame surely serves its purposes, but sometimes styling your bed on the floor is as great. Would you like to know how? Let’s read the article below.

Do not be surprised when I tell you on-the-floor bed is the trend nowadays. It offers the whole room modern and fresh looks compared to the bulky bed frame.

At first, you may find it messy to place your mattress and all the pillows right on the floor. But when you know the tricks, the lowered bed will turn out a perfectly aesthetic add-on to your room.

Before digging in lovely ideas to style your low beds, let’s discover the reasons why the mattress should stay on the ground.

Why You Should Place Your Mattress On The Floor

No Bed Base Needed

First thing first, a ground bed no bed frame needed. The bed base is quite bulky and of course, costly. Why bother spending lots of money on a hefty and old-fashioned piece of furniture when you have another convenient option?

More Support

As the floor is more a solid base compared to the bed foundation, it minimizes the sinking effect of a mattress, thereby providing more support when lying on.

To improve your sleep quality, you should focus on buying a suitable mattress according to your sleep positions. According to, the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers is all here! Check it out when you finish reading this post.

Less Effort

This is a no brainer. A bed on the floor takes us less effort to get on and off the bed, thereby reducing the body strain over time.

Better Sleep

More support aside, the on-the-floor mattress would make an ideal place for sleep thanks to the temperature. The floor will cool down the mattress and your body, too. As a result, you can enjoy a deep sleep for an extended period since you stay in the restorative sleep stage longer.

Tips To Style Your Bed On The Floor

Follow A Color Scheme

Sticking to a consistent color scheme will create synergy between every element in the room, including the mattress. A neutral palette with light tones will work wonders in calming you down and relieving stress for a sound sleep.

Add A Rug

Never leave your mattress alone on the hard floor as it gives us a bare feeling when stepping onto the room. To solve this problem, I suggest a rug to fill up the place. The fun rug will add more color and texture to your bedroom, thereby making the lack of the bed frame insignificant.

Keep It Organized

Having a bed on the floor means the extra time needed to keep it neat and tidy. Otherwise, it would make the whole room a mess with pillows and blankets everywhere. Remember, there is no bed frame now, and the mattress is a part of the floor. To make your on-the-floor bed as lovely and inviting as in the Instagram photos, keep it organized.

Lower Everything

For a harmonious feel, other furniture in the room needs going down low with your bed. Use a lower-centered bedside table, for example. Placing artworks or a faux-headboard on the floor is also a fine idea to synchronise the space. And if you may not know, staying closer to the ground does have a positive influence on our emotions and feelings.

Fill Your Ceilings

A bed on the ground means more space of ceilings and walls. Let’s make good use of it by adding some creative works. Feel free to put up a gallery shelf of your artworks above your bed, or hang neon lights on the wall to add a dreamy touch to your bedroom.

Whitewash The Room

You may wonder what is the point of this? Well, it is all in an effort to camouflage the absence of the lofty bed frame. If you do not understand my idea, take a look at the below photo. As you see, the creamy-white color pulls everything in the room together and completely clears the void that an on-the-ground mattress may leave.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Without a bed base, it would be difficult for you to reach the light switch when you wake up in the morning or about to sleep at night. A quick solution to this problem is to choose a suitable light with an accessible switch. If possible, stick the light to the wall above your mattress for more lighting.

Tips For Using A Mattress On The Floor

Aside from choosing the suitable floor mattresses, follow below tips to make sure you have a comfortable sleep on the floor.

  1. Keep the floor clean by vacuuming or sweeping regularly to avoid dust from building up under your mattress. Also, this will remove bed bugs and insects that may infest the bed and interfere with your sleep at night.
  2. Let the air circulate through the mattress periodically as you lift it to prevent mold and mildew buildup.
  3. Place a foam layer beneath the mattress when the temperature drops. The purpose is to increase the insulation level of your bed.
  4. Check the warranty terms to know whether the manufacturer allows you to place the mattress on the floor or not.

The Bottom Line

There is a handful of compelling reasons why you should put your mattress on the floor. It will save your money from purchasing a large bed base and offer more support for deep sleep.

If you decide to have a low bed, follow the aforementioned tips to have the best results. Let’s share the image your floor mattress in the comment section for everyone to see!

Thank you for reading and remember to give my article a thumb up. Stay tuned for more posts!

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