Asked on Sep 29, 2019

How can I pave over the gravel in my carport?

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My driveway is paved up to the walkway, which is a 90 degree turn to the left and leads to the front door of the house. A previous owner erected a large carport (wide from side to side) and extended the driveway straight ahead into it, so its openings are in the front and back, where I could drive directly into the back yard if I wanted to. He laid down gravel instead of paving. Is there a way I can pave over the top of the gravel myself, maybe doing a portion at a time over a couple of months?

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  • William
    on Sep 29, 2019

    Paving the gravel will make it higher than the surrounding area....if you don't mind. Make sure the gravel is level and compacted. You can go concrete or asphalt. You would need an edge form of at least three to four inches. Then you can pour concrete or asphalt. Doing a portion at a time may pose a problem as there will not be the consistency needed. It may fail where the portions meet.

  • Lucky Home Today
    Lucky Home Today
    on Sep 29, 2019

    Make sure its leveled out. Frame and pour. Don't forget to add some re-barb for strength.

  • Victoria
    on Sep 29, 2019

    Can I mix my own concrete, or should I have it brought in? (Considering doing it a bit at a time is due to finances.) Do I lay the rebar directly on the gravel, or should I embed it in the concrete after the pour?

  • Rymea
    on Sep 30, 2019

    It would be impossible to put rebar in after it's poured. The rebar needs to be in the middle of the slab so usually it is set on "chairs" especially made for that purpose before the pour. You probably don't need it. You can use the wire instead.

    We poured our own patio many years ago. We framed it ourselves and put in the reinforcement wire mesh. I highly recommend having your concrete delivered. We had 6 people helping us with the pour. The mix is important and a dryer mix is stronger than a wet mix.

    Search online and watch youtube videos. You need to educate yourself a little more before you try this.

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