DIY Bat garland Halloween decoration

"This bat garland is such an easy, inexpensive and impactful way to decorate for your Halloween party, fall fest or just for the season." Get tutorial here

DIY spooky Halloween dish

"Do you plan on entertaining this year for Halloween? I have the perfect little Halloween dish for you to serve your favorite dips, snacks in for Halloween parties or just for you to enjoy at home. I made this little dish yesterday and my son said "I'm using it next for my cereal". Turns out, kids would love their own spooky cereal bowls. I love this project because it's so easy and can be customized any way you want it!" Get tutorial here

Cute & simple Halloween mummy jars

"I love Halloween! Not the scary haunted houses or movies, because I'm a big chicken with a huge imagination- which is not a good combo. But the dressing up, fun parties, decorations and of course the candy!! And since we don't want to scare the children around here ;) I stick to more fun decorations at our house for Halloween. So this year I made these cute and easy mummy mason jar guys to decorate our foyer table with. They are adorable, and so easy to make it's scary!!" Get tutorial here

Upcycled fun Halloween bottle lights

"I decided to add some illuminated Halloween decorations for the inside of my home too, with these upcycled Halloween bottles." Get tutorial here

Mini Halloween terrarium

"Grab the kids and start collecting some rocks. Make this easy Halloween decoration in just one afternoon." Get tutorial here

Scrap wood pumpkins with vinyl faces

"I used vinyl to make removable jack-o-lantern faces so they can be used all season long! The best part of this project is that it was FREE because I had all of the supplies on hand." Get tutorial here

Harry Potter inspired floating Halloween candles

"These fake candles cost me $4 to make and are a perfectly spooky yet somehow pretty addition for Halloween." Get tutorial here

DIY spooky Halloween poison bottles

"I love this project because it is effortless and the result is way too fun! There is something so dang rewarding when you can bust out a cool project just by gathering a few things around the house that you already have. Seriously gratifying." Get tutorial here

Styrofoam Halloween spider

"Will you walk into my parlour? said the Spider to the Fly."In the spirit of Halloween, I couldn't resist making this cute spider out of Styrofoam balls . Get tutorial here

The easiest cheesecloth ghosts

Cheesecloth ghosts are not a new craft, but one special ingredient makes these SUPER easy! You will love making these with your kids, grandkids or just for yourself."" Get tutorial here

Halloween mixed media bottles

"If you are new to mixed media, this technique is so creative. You can use items that you have laying around your home to decorate just about anything. I have only been using this technique for a few months and I am totally addicted." Get tutorial here

Halloween framed spider web

"As we all know Halloween is just around the corner which means this Halloween framed spider web is perfect and just in time. Halloween means trick-or-treaters, costumes, candy, ghosts, spider webs, haunted mansions, pumpkins, sweet treats, and so much more." Get tutorial here

Mason jar mummy family

This is a child friendly project that is so easy to make. It costs next to nothing to create and when finished they look oh so cute!"" Get tutorial here

Hanging witch's hat luminaries

"The glitter is even more glitzy in person... You could use other colors as well for an extra pop of color and fun." Get tutorial here

Autumn party pumpkin bowl for $10

"Have a fall or Halloween party you are planning for? This festive pumpkin bowl / cooler will add a great touch of fun to any table. It is quite simple to make a bowl out of a pumpkin, considering it is already in bowl shape, so why not? All you need to spice up this pumpkin bowl is cut some fun shapes into the edge and coat it with some glitter!" Get tutorial here