How can I find out what is causing a leak in my bathroom?


My bathroom has a leak and I don’t know where it’s coming from. I know it’s not from the tank or the hoses. Standing water appears on the floor now and then.

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 03, 2019

    Hello Terry,

    Do you have Insurance, - call a plumber! Have you investigated the joints, maybe they have sprung or worn in some way and need replacing.

    • Terry Terry on Oct 03, 2019

      Joints are fine. I’m thinking it’s seeping up between floor tiles but tiles are not worn out.

  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Oct 03, 2019

    Where is the water? Is it by the toilet, vanity, shower/tub?

  • Betsy Betsy on Oct 03, 2019

    Hi Terry: Are you talking about water under the toilet tank? You may have a bad wax ring. If you have a basement, check the floor under the toilet and see if the wood is wet. You don't want the wood to rot and have the toilet fall through the floor, or sub floor. You may have a crack in the toilet bowl itself. What I do, to find a leak in a hose, is to wrap toilet paper around the hose. It will get wet and all wrinkly, but still stick to the hose. Where ever you think the water is coming from, put some tp in that area. This will help you isolate the area. If it's coming from under the toilet, you need to have that resolved immediately. Not hard to replace the wax ring, but you need 2 strong people as the toilet has to be removed and a new wax ring (not expensive) put down. You also may have a rusted pipe somewhere, that is leaking. Ask at your home improvement store if they can recommend someone who will work for a reasonable price. Often, they have these resources.

    Good luck

    • Terry Terry on Oct 03, 2019

      ive purchased the ring already and will check that. I was also told that it could be from a clog laundry drain?

  • Betsy Betsy on Oct 03, 2019

    I'm not sure about the laundry drain, but here's how to clear that:

    This looks long and complicated, but it's not. Well, it is long, but not complicated:)

    If stopped up,can get a really long zip tie, cut slits going down the side, one on the right, one on the left, all the way along to the bottom. Then, tie a string on the top really securely, and tie that around your finger. This will keep it from falling down the drain:) Then, stick it into the drain and jiggle it around and lift it out to see if anything stuck to it. If so, do it a few more times to get as much gunk out as you can.

    Then, You will need this:

    A small box of baking soda

    1/2 cup vinegar

    1 quart of water


    1. Bail out any standing water .
    2. Dump about 1/2 of a box of dry baking soda down the drain.
    3. Get your plunger or stopper ready and at your side, and be prepared to hold it down tightly.
    4. Put a cloth in the overflow hole tightly, it's usually near the top of the sink or by the front of a bath tub.
    5. Following the baking soda, pour 1/2 cup of vinegar down the drain.
    6. Immediately after you pour it in, plug the drain with the plunger or stopper, or whatever you have that can seal the opening, covering the drain hole completely so nothing can escape.
    7. HOLD TIGHT!The interaction of the vinegar and baking soda will cause a “mini volcano” that will come up and out of the drain if you don’t keep it down there, to bust out your clog.
    8. After the initial “volcano” subsides, leave the baking soda and vinegar mixture in the drain for about 30 minutes. While you are waiting, boil a tea kettle full of water.
    9. After 30 minutes, remove the stopper or plunger and slowly pour the boiling water down the drain.
    10. This should take care of the clog. You may have to do it twice, but usually not.

    Good luck

  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Oct 04, 2019

    The problem is most likely coming from the seal where the tank meets the bowl. The seal hardens over time and deteriorates creating a leak. I doubt that the leak is coming from the wax ring because if it leaks the water coming out is raw sewage and you’d smell that.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 24, 2021

    Check and replace the wax seal on your toilet. If the toilet isn't sealed properly, the toilet can shift, causing water to leak out. Good luck!

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