17 Clever Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Try at Home

Bathroom vanity units offer much-needed storage space in family bathrooms, perfect for keeping cleaning products and accessories out of eyesight. Whether you have a small bathroom space to work in or you’re looking to make your own rustic bathroom vanities that are full of character, take some time to view these 17 successful DIY bathroom vanity projects undertaken by our clever Hometalkers.

By Best Of Hometalk

1. Waxed Rustic Bathroom Vanities

A leak in one of the under-sink faucets prompted Hometalker DeeDee to replace her bathroom vanity. She opted to change the countertop of the vanity unit, replacing the

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rustic bathroom vanity

2. Open-Shelf Vanity Made from 2x4s and 2x2s

Hometalker, Wendi, wanted to create her own open-shelf vanity unit that looked like something bought from Pottery Barn – without the price tag. Wendi made the framework

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pottery barn bathroom vanity

3. Painted & Distressed Wooden Bathroom Vanity

After her standard vanity fell to pieces after being delivered, Hometalker, Amy, opted to build her own replacement bathroom storage unit. She found a wooden cabinet,

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Painted Distressed Wooden Bathroom Vanity

4. Faux Marble Laminate Countertop Adds a Luxurious Finish

With an all-new color palette and a clever faux-marble countertop, this Hometalker’s bathroom vanity was given a touch of class. The dated pink top was removed and

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Faux Marble Laminate Countertop

5. Marble Effect Vanity Contact Paper Countertop

Hometalker, Brittany, wanted the feeling of a fully-fledged bathroom vanity makeover, but without the brand-new price tag. She did so using stylish contact paper to

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Marble Bathroom Vanity Contact Paper

6. Mesh-Tiled Vanity Countertop

This Hometalker flips houses and tackles her own DIY projects. Her latest task revolved around dated small bathroom vanities. She hated the color of the cabinets and

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Tiled Bathroom Vanity Countertop

7. Paint Job to Refresh Original Bathroom Vanity

Hometalker, Tatiana, had grown tired with the 1960s-style guest bathroom and opted to repaint the original vanity unit to breathe new life into it. With all of her budget

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painted bathroom vanity

8. One Coat of Gel Stain Transforms This Vanity

Have you ever heard of gel stain? If not, Hometalker, Eric, has got a real treat for you. He used this formula to revamp his bathroom vanity. He wasn’t 'feeling' the

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stained bathroom vanity

9. Industrial Accents and Antiquing Wax Create a Rustic Vanity

Hometalker, Stephanie, wanted to step outside of her creative comfort zone and create a 'fun and surprising' space for guests in her bathroom. She fell for the rich, dark

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industrial bathroom vanity

10. Bowling Alley-Inspired Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Becky couldn’t stand her existing bathroom vanity and opted to make a cheap bathroom vanity herself, for less than the cost of a new one from a store. She bought a

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DIY bathroom vanity countertop

11. Antique Gel Stain Gives Stripped-Back Look to Vanity Cabinets

Marty is yet another Hometalker who raves about the qualities of Antique Gel Stain. She didn’t want to have to strip her wooden vanity cabinets down to the bare wood

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Antique Stained bathroom vanity cabinets

12. Mid-Tone Blue Complements Chrome Finishes

It took some time for this Hometalker to complete their mom’s bathroom vanity revamp, but the end result is very satisfying. The cabinets were the main thing left

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Blue bathroom vanity

13. Glass Knobs & Marble Add Vanity Character

It’s amazing what you can do to enhance off-the-shelf bathroom vanities. Hometalker Michelle bought a standard vanity from Home Depot and eventually tweaked it by adding

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bathroom vanity with glass knobs

14. Primed, Semi-Gloss Paint Softens This Bathroom Vanity

Jessica had what many people would call a 'dream' bathroom. There was heaps of space and every feature you could possibly need. Nevertheless, the bathroom let itself down

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Easy painted bathroom vanity cabinets

15. DIY Rustic Replacement for Guest Bathroom Vanity

After painting the bathroom wall and replacing the board and battens, this Hometalker decided to replace the vanity unit. But they didn’t just buy a new one, they built a

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DIY Rustic Bathroom Vanity

16. DIY Concrete Countertop for New Bathroom Vanity

This project sees a revamp of a bathroom vanity countertop that was 15 years old. It was a builder-grade structure and complete replacements were too expensive, so they

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DIY Concrete Countertop for Bathroom Vanity

17. Gorgeous Chalk Paint Transforms Builders-Grade Vanity

This Hometalker is a self-confessed DIYer that starts and fails to finish tons of projects. Fortunately, this bathroom vanity revamp was simple enough to do in one go.

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blue painted bathroom vanity