Asked on Jul 6, 2012

Suggestion to keep same design with a more updated look

MadameRãSue RyanTess B


I love how it looks but it is outdated. I have a pair of beige cotton curtains with different shapes of leaves weaved into the fabric that I can use. But how to finish the top?
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  • At The Picket Fence
    on Jul 6, 2012

    Hi Tess. So the curtains are surrounding your tub is that correct? Are the curtains you are talking about a different set then these? Also, is there a shower in the tub? That will help answer whether you need to keep a window treatment surrounding the tub like it is now or maybe just have one at the window. ~Heather

  • Tess, If these are just stationary curtain panels (that you don't draw when bathing/showering), I would take them down completely and put up blinds over the window and a light sheer over them that reaches to the window sill. Or you could use use your beige leaf fabric for curtain panels - but again, hung directly over the window - not in front of the tub. With a nice curtain rod, you don't need to add any fabric besides the panels. This will make the space seem bigger as well as update the look. Hope that helps!

  • Jeanette S
    on Jul 6, 2012

    The heavy drape look is outdated. I agree with ElecVintage about a lighter look. You can actually buy a vinyl froasted material at the big box store that will block out a view from the window but let light in...this would eliminate the need for a blind or curtain. Then a vinyl shower curtain on a rod and a white cloth curtain on a separate rod. Keeping it simple will update the bathroom and make it look sleeker!

  • Rhoda V
    on Jul 6, 2012

    I agree, time to take down the heavy swaggy drapes. It will feel 10 lbs. lighter when you do. If you don't need a shower curtain there, just leave it all open and this will be step one of updating your bathroom. There are many ways to add updates to a bath, including new paint on the walls, painting an outdated vanity, new rug, towels and artwork on the walls.

  • Thistlewood
    on Jul 7, 2012

    I agree with Rhoda! Somthing light and airy would be perfect!

  • I vote to have no top at all. Let the sun shine in! Pretty bathroom and you won't believe the difference it'll make with a fresh new look. I love changing things out. Have fun and I hope you update us when you're done. :)

  • Trine F
    on Jul 7, 2012

    I would def. remove the curtains. Just doing that would update it alot. Add a fresh, new, not too colourful shower curtain on a rod, and update with accessories! :)

  • Designs by BSB
    on Jul 7, 2012

    I can see your dilemma - trying to hide the shower curtain rod behind the drapes? Even with different drapes, Im afraid it will still appear heavy/outdated with another valance running across. If you really like the look of drapes, just let them hang at the sides like panels. Then look for a stylish curtain rod/rings and a heavy clear shower curtain. Like most replied here, Less is more these days if you are looking for a true update. Nothing wrong with seeing a rod and hanging shower curtain. I could picture a pretty white double panel curtain hanging straight .. opening up this room!

  • Tess B
    on Jul 7, 2012

    Appreciate all your feedback. Looks like just getting rid of the curtain panels without doing much will update the look. There is a shower for this tub and the shower curtain in an U-shape goes around three sides of the tub. The right panel hides a lot of shower curtain. So if I just do one panel on the right to hide the shower curtain, will the left side looks a bit off balance?

  • The Space Between
    on Jul 7, 2012

    I agree with the feedback above, I think less is more in this case. You might try taking it all down and then adding back the new panels as you see fit. A small (3-4 inch high) valance might work to hide the rod (if that is the objective) without closing off the space as much. Happy updating. :)

  • Tess B
    on Jul 7, 2012

    I apologize for not describing the area clearly. It is a tub and shower and the U-shape shower curtain is hung on a U-shape track that is attached to the ceiling, probably that is the reason for the curtain panel to cover the track and the mass amount of shower curtain.

  • Tess B
    on Jul 11, 2012

    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas. I need creative looking valance to cover the curtain track on the ceiling, and ways to hide a big shower curtain that rests on the right side.

  • Sue Ryan
    on Sep 7, 2016

    It may help if you took the curtains and valance off and then take a picture.

  • MadameRã
    on Oct 30, 2016

    •Why not look for two different bright colours, even metalic, in thick ribbon..( You can negotiate with retailers on buying older stock & whole rolls;& simply pin with baby gold close pins & place lengths of blended colour ribbons falling in the same patterns. The baby pins wont be seen as much but they definately look nicer if seen. As you are using ribbon its easy to dust thus you wont need to remove & wash frequently, but when the time comes to do so they are easy to remove(as you will have to iron them again to get the shiny fresh look; my trick is to spray a cheap hair spray over them while hung up.It won't hurt your curtians & will ad to dust protecting them too.) Its simple & indeed looks quite amazing for something simple,& you will keep your elegance unlike making strips of fabric (unless satin & then the costs can get high.) Happy Crafting M®

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