Asked on Oct 12, 2019

How can I insulate exterior walls?

MogieCaroleKelli L. Milligan


Our old house has plaster walls with panelling over them but they are freezing cold in the winter which makes it difficult to stay warm. Help!!

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  • Emily
    on Oct 12, 2019

    Outside of removing siding from exterior of house which is impractical, probably the best thing to do would be to hang a quilt or other heavy fabric cover. You could also put up foam board under that. When you say freezing do you mean your hand would literally "freeze" if you touch the walls? Or just that the walls feel chilly?

    • Kelli L. Milligan
      Kelli L. Milligan
      on Oct 22, 2019

      I also saved all the old woodwork. Removed carefully and put back once we fixed the walls. Sanding and or stripping trim is so much easier when you can put on a work table.


  • Kelli L. Milligan
    Kelli L. Milligan
    on Oct 12, 2019

    We actually removed all our walls. Added up to date wiring, water lines, gas lines etc and added insulation. New drywall. We did one room about every 6 months or as we could afford it. So glad we did.

    • Tammy Shepherd
      Tammy Shepherd
      on Oct 22, 2019

      Thank you Kelli. Please read my comments to Emily. I am going to follow your and Emily's advice.

      Again thank you so much for answering my question.

  • Carole
    on Oct 12, 2019

    I had blown-in insulation installed several years ago and it helped a lot. Shop around and see what type you would prefer and check the cost from several installers.

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