Asked on Oct 15, 2019

How do I convert window shingles into an interior door?



3 answers
    on Oct 15, 2019

    Do you mean window shutters? What sizes do you have?

  • Susan
    on Oct 15, 2019

    Window shutters are window shutters. Go buy a door and be done.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    Lifestyles Homes
    on Oct 15, 2019

    If they are shutters, you’ll have to glue & screw then together. I’d use dowels, wood glue and very large furniture clamps.

    You can rip down the styles & tails a bit, but not a lot. That’s where the hinge butts need to be set with a chisel and the door knob assembly bored in.

    Boring a new set of holes for a door knob is a lot of work for a beginner & I would investigate finding some other “latch-type” cabinetry hardware alternatives.

    I would buy a pre-made jamb set, unless you’re making a custom-sized door and you’ll need to cut jamb stock down. Take note on where the pre-made jamb sets’ hinge butt locations are - to align with yours.

    If your time is worth more than $10 an hour, I would not go for a custom-sized door.

    Regarding “time & materials”: These pre-made doors below, are already hung in their jamb sets and already drilled for doorknobs.

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