Can I use shellac on my pine stair treads?


A guy who installed some flooring for me last week said it's OK to put shellac on my bare pine stair treads and sent me this photo of the product he suggests. The product description doesn't mention that it's OK for floors. But I REALLY NEED something that dries FAST and this does. What will happen if I use this for my stairs? They don't get a massive amt of traffic. Four cats going up and down on their very soft paws and on average I use the stairs maybe 4 or 5 times a day and most of the time I'm wearing comfy, soft-soled shoes or going barefoot inside. Would I just have to re-do it from time to time? What are the consequences of using this? Surely it would look better than the bare wood that's there now.

q floor guy suggested using shellac on my stair treads is that ok
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