How do I keep/save/upcycle sentimental crocheted blankets?


I have 2 huge crocheted blankets my Nana made when I was a little girl (I am 53 now). They a VERYsentimental. The one she made for me was an ombre pattern that included flourescent green (I begged my parents to let me paint my room that color and they always said NO!). My Nana crocheted that ombre blanket big enough to use & cover my twin size bed. Then, she crocheted my parents a blanket to totally fit their KING sized bed (piece offering... lol).

I treasure them so much; I can't imagine the number of hours it took her to make them but I sure feel the love she infused in every stitch.

As you can imagine, they are HUGE and HEAVY.

My issues... I live in the south and we never get cold enough to have to use them;

I have 3 sons who look at me and roll their eyes when I ask them if they would want to inherit them. (And let's face it... those colors!)

My idea was to cut them and make small 'quilt' like blankets ... until a friend told me "you can't cut a crocheted blank  " because it would fall apart. (I don't know why I didn't think of that.)

It breaks my heart to keep them stored away or lose them.

IDK what to do.

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