Asked on Oct 21, 2019

How do I get bugs off a car?



What can I use to get bugs off of a car?

4 answers
  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    on Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Carol, for the real stuck on bugs the best thing I've found is just going to a do it yourself car wash.

  • Mogie
    on Oct 21, 2019

    WD 40 followed up a quick wash to get the oil off. If you apply a good coat of wax that will also help.

  • Gk
    on Oct 22, 2019

    If I am washing my vehicle myself outside with a bucket of car wash cleaner and a hose--I use a textured sponge made to get bug splats off and a little elbow grease!

  • Ken19339315
    on Oct 23, 2019

    At certain times of the year in Florida, we get deluged with love bugs on every road we drive on (I've heard love bugs are attracted to gas fumes from cars so there is no escaping them while driving!).

    Dryer sheets to the rescue!!! Buy the cheap ones!! Yep, just wipe with a dampened dryer sheet and wa-lah...the love bugs are gone!!

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