30 Pumpkin Projects for People That Are Totally Obsessed With Pumpkins

If you love pumpkins as much as we do, you'll love these 30 ideas!

By Hometalk Highlights

Mickey Mouse Halloween pumpkin wreath

"You can hang your wreath on your door or in your house, but I chose to mount mine on a wood window drape pole which I inserted in a backyard umbrella stand."

Succulent concrete pumpkins

"They're super easy to make and with this cement mix they only take a few hours to set. You'll just need some nylons, cement mix, rubber bands and a small plastic pot."

Pumpkin using Dollar Tree splatter screens

"What you think about this Pumpkin made with Dollar Tree Splatter Screens? It looks spectacular and you can decorate at your own style."

DIY Crayon drip pumpkins

"Anyone else getting your pumpkin decorating on? Last weekend I made the most fun and colorful DIY crayon drip pumpkin, and I wanted to share the tutorial with you."

DIY luminary pumpkin lanterns

"DIY luminary pumpkins are so easy to make and provide a beautiful glow to your fall decor!"

Colorful DIY push pin pumpkins

"Want an easy way to pump up your pumpkins? You should definitely give DIY thumb tack pumpkins a try!"

Elegant foam pumpkins using silicone molds

"For this tutorial, I used Redesign with Prima's decor molds. They just released a bunch of new designs including cherry blossoms and bell orchids 😍 And I just had to

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Pained plastic pumpkins

"If you're tired of the plain orange plastic pumpkins you have laying around and want to give them a new look, try painting them! I'll give you some easy steps to give

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Boho chic pumpkins

"What you'll need is some foam pumpkins (I picked up these two from the dollar store), a patterned napkin you love, and some paint (I used Old Vintage paint- Cream 2109

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Easy 70's style pumpkins

"I have always loved a good 70's pattern and decided to try my hand at some 70's style pumpkins. I love the colorful repetitive patterns and think there's just something

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Festive pumpkin planters

"What says fall more than pumpkins? Here is a super easy and inexpensive way to dress up your porch for fall."

Vintage repurposed teacup pumpkin

"I love using things in unusual ways, and one of my favorite items to repurpose are vintage teacups."

Painted pumpkins using washi tape

"Instead I love to decorate pumpkins of all kinds that do not have to be cleaned out or carved. That is where the plastic option comes in handy. The problem with the

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Handcrafted pumpkin with dollar store items

"With a few items that includes a punch balloon, faux fall leaves, brown craft paper, newspaper and even mod podge, anyone can make a lovely handcrafted pumpkin!"

Fall lantern centerpiece

"I almost threw this lantern away! Now it has a whole new life! I did spray paint it once to go with my Summer porch, but it got another paint job in Rustoleum's heirloom

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DIY pumpkin carving with a drill

"If you are looking for a pumpkin carving project that’s easy, a little different, and can double for great fall decor as well, pumpkin drilling is for you. "

DIY hobnail milk glass pumpkins

"For years I've collected milk glass, particularly hobnail milk glass, so this year I decided to try my hand at creating a hobnail pumpkin!"

Blooming monogrammed pumpkin

"Add a personalized touch to your autumn decor with fresh blooms and pumpkins."

Mini pumpkin candles

"Feeling crafty!?... then try your hand at these darling mini pumpkin candles!"

An old sweater turned into a pumpkin

"Got old sweaters? You can use them to create really cute pumpkins for your home decor this autumn. And no sewing is involved! It's simple, fast, and fun."

Pretty DIY floral pumpkins

"Best part: They only took me 30 minutes. I love projects like that. Anyone else?"

Toilet paper pumpkins

"In this autumn season we usually see the pumpkin as the protagonist of the decoration. That is why today I bring you a tutorial where you will learn how to make a

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Halloween Jack-o-Lantern planter made out of a tote bag

"I spotted this old orange straw tote bag at the thrift store and had a "near-craft experience"...because I knew immediately what I would do with it. A jack-o-lantern

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Yarn pumpkins

"I haven't had much time to prepare for fall yet (where'd summer go?) but this project was a super easy and fast way to add a little festivity to the dining room table."

Dollar store pumpkin makeover

"I love new and creative way to decorate pumpkins - and I especially love it when its on a faux pumpkin that I can use again and again each year. I also am a big fan of

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Simple symmetrical fall mantel

"The flowers sitting atop the pumpkins are made from old sewing patterns. I always have a few extra lying around to decorate with. "

A unique DIY pumpkin wreath

"I was craving some fun and colorful decor, so I gathered some supplies and got to work to make a wreath using affordable mini plastic pumpkins from Michael’s."

Rustic pumpkin vase for Halloween

"The result of my rustic pumpkin flower vase is stunning!"