How do I get rid of a ground hog without using poison?


Recently I posted a question about getting rid of chipmunks chewing on my house. No luck so far (too smart for traps I guess).. but as luck would have it--- I saw a BIG ground hog in the yard the last two days run under my shed !!! Remember the movie "The Birds"? I feel like I am living a possible remake... "The Rodents" Chipmunks. squirrels & now ground hogs (or at least one). Though not a rodent, I aso have rabitts roaming about.I have 2 dogs; they are inside dogs but go out into the fenced yard frequently to play. I guess that is not scary enough to chase anything away. The dogs poop when we go for walks so it doesn't land in the yard...... Because (wait for it...)I also babysit my 13 month old grandson full time so cats (poop) I can't deal with & the LAST resort, poison, is not possible.They even have me dreaming about tunnels and burrows under the house and shed made by the 'community of critters' living and thriving in the yard. I can't imagine that there is such thing as a pied piper for rodents. (Though someone should consider creating that GREAT job opportunity).SO THERE IT IS. (the story behind the above question.)Need I say it? HELP!

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