Asked on Oct 28, 2019

What supplies do I need to replace or fix baseboards in my house?

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What do you need to replace or fix baseboards of your house?

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  • Laura Cooper
    on Oct 28, 2019

    You will need a good quality miter chop saw on a bench, measuring tape, pencil and coping saw. It's easiest to use a finish nailer, but you can simply use a hammer, finish nails and a nail set to do the same thing. A speed square is also handy. Then of course you need your lengths of trim. To remove old baseboard, a small cat's claw is helpful.

  • Tinyshoes
    on Oct 28, 2019

    Can send a picture of the problem area It can be replaced by removing and purchasing from Lowes, etc.

  • Johnavallance82
    on Nov 1, 2019

    Hi User,

    You local DIY has all you need. Just measure the length you require of baseboard

    you require and take a sample with you. The staff will be only to pleased to help you.....

  • Deb K
    on Nov 2, 2019

    Hello User, you can paint the current baseboards, it is pretty easy to mask with frog tape and paint, just ensure you have cleaned the baseboards thoroughly. Or you could replace the old ones with rubber style baseboards, but not so easy to remove as they glue on. I would suggest paint the old ones, you can do a basic white or any color you want to compliment your decor with.

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