Asked on Nov 4, 2019

How can I smooth roll creases out of a new carpet?

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What’s the best and fastest way to get roll creases out of a new carpet

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  • Peggy Burnette
    Peggy Burnette
    on Nov 4, 2019

    Hi Brenda, here are some ideas for getting your carpet smooth. If you had it installed I would call the company that put it down. Sorry you are having problems. Good luck How can I straighten my wrinkled carpet?

    To fix a wrinkle, you can rent a carpet stretcher and a knee-kicker for around 40 bucks and adjust its tooth depth to the depth of the pile of your carpet. Pull the carpet up from the tack strip at the baseboard, then sink the teeth of the power stretcher into the carpet where you need to pull it taut.

    How to Smooth Carpet Wrinkles - Bob Vila Radio - Bob's Blogs › articles › bob-vila-radio-carpet-wrinkles

    on Nov 4, 2019

    Rent a carpet stretcher?

  • Karen Brunck
    Karen Brunck
    on Nov 4, 2019

    Hi Brenda. I've found a carpet steamer does the trick.

  • K. Rupp
    K. Rupp
    on Nov 4, 2019

    Is this an area rug or wall to wall carpet? If it is wall to wall carpet and it's new, you need to call the company back out to fix that. There should be no rolls in new wall to wall carpeting. If it is an area rug, it should only take a few days and you will see the roll creases at the edges will go away in no time. good luck!

  • Brenda smith
    Brenda smith
    on Nov 4, 2019

    Thanks everyone I think I’ll try the carpet steamer

  • Do your best!.
    Do your best!.
    on Nov 5, 2019

    Needs kicked in with a carpet kicker..maybe the person who layed ast kicked it in enough..doing this streches the carpet making a snug fit..hope it helps 👍

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