1. Mosaic Outdoor Pool Surrounds Using Tiles

Hometalker Ann-Christin’s outdoor pool area needed some urgent repairs. Its tiles and steps to the pool were becoming dangerous to use. Using old broken tiles, a few cement blocks and some dated pavers, she built a new, multi-colored staircase, and a pair of mosaic-tiled flower boxes. She used the broken tiles as mosaic pieces, gluing them together with adhesive. Get tutorial here

2. Landscaped Outdoor Pool Oasis

This Hometalker had a readymade area for a brand-new Intex outdoor swimming pool but wanted to landscape it so that it was safer and prettier to use. She used a sod cutter to cut the space for the pool and the surrounding area, before edging the pool and the border. She then laid down smooth river rocks and stepping stones onto the landscaping fabric. Get tutorial here

3. Stock Tank Outdoor Plunge Pool

Katie and her husband were craving a place to keep cool in the searing Texas heat. So they bought a 6ft x 2ft stock tank to act as an outdoor plunge pool to take a dip in the backyard. After leveling an area of the yard, creating a platform with timbers and decomposed granite, they filled the tank and added a pool pump to filter bugs and foliage. Get tutorial here

4. Handcrafted Outdoor Pool Deck

This stunning outdoor pool came with a plastic ladder. Although it had a practical use, it fell off more than once. Hometalker Janet opted to handcraft a bespoke pool deck that offered direct access to the pool as well as an inviting spot to sunbathe. She put up a trellis surround for seclusion and landscaped the pool using brick trim and rock, and the result is stunning. Get tutorial here

5. Backyard Makeover with Pool and Decking

Hometalker Stephanie opted to transform her previously bland, tired backyard into a water-filled oasis. After getting the pool professionally installed, she and her partner built a new pool house, as well as four new decks, and replaced the garden fencing for better privacy. The inspiration for the waterfall feature came from contemporary wellness-focused hotels.  Get tutorial here

6. Putting an Above-Ground Pool In-Ground

Hometalker Misty had always had a built-in pool, so when she moved into her new home she wanted to do the same in the backyard. Instead of buying a brand-new built-in pool, Misty opted to buy a budget above-ground outdoor pool and place it inground, before filling the pool, backfilling the soil around the pool, and leveling the rest of the yard. Get tutorial here

7. Breathing New Life into a Tired Hot Tub

Nita and her husband couldn’t afford a vacation, so they opted to spend their money on renovating a 12-year-old hot tub. They restored the pumps and connections, sealing all connections and connecting the pumps to the motherboard. The finishing touch was a new timber surround, as the existing wooden framework had rotted. The result? Perfect backyard relaxation! Get tutorial here

8. Water Slide into a Water Feature Paradise

Who knew that it would be possible to have a dual-purpose backyard water feature? This Hometalker created a simple water slide-cum-waterfall with the cast rock formation built around the tube slide. The casting also made room for a waterfall, powered by a pump, with LED lighting installed underneath to create a dramatic eye catching feature at night. Get tutorial here

10. Energy-Efficient Solar Pool Heat Panels

An outdoor swimming pool in your backyard can sometimes be expensive to maintain – and especially heat up. To solve this problem, Hometalker Dan created these DIY solar heat panels using PVC pipe. He wrapped black plastic around the square PVC pipework, before wrapping foam pipe insulation around each section of the PVC to retain the heat and act as a floating aid. Get tutorial here

11. Stock Tank Plunge Pool with Filter Pump

Hometalker DeeDee came across two bargain stock tanks and flagstone. Using them, she created a stock tank plunge pool, while turning the other into a waterfall feature. After achieving a level yard surface, she lined the floor before placing the tank and the flag stone in a neat surround. She then powered the water feature using an Intex water jet. Get tutorial here

12. Splash of Color for Outdoor Pool Cinder Wall

Mary’s backyard decking was built on top of a cinder block foundation. The foundation is clearly visible from her outdoor swimming pool. She thus opted to paint the cinder block pool surround a fresh white, before adding a pop of color with a fun diamond pattern, created using Frogtape - which is really effective for painting on bumpy surfaces. Get tutorial here

13. Techo-Bloc Paving Brings Tired Pool to Life

This mason contractor firm was struggling to find a way to re-landscape this backyard and multiple outdoor pool complex. They eventually found Techo-Block paving stones that complemented the pool’s existing coping. They finished by adding maintenance-free decking and masonry steps for easy access to the five-level patio area, ideal for entertaining guests. Get tutorial here

14. Inbuilt Backyard Pool Enhances Property Value

Poor drainage issues meant that this Hometalker’s backyard was unusable for kids to play on during the year. So they opted to design their own in-built outdoor pool, complete with a pebble sheen pool surround, waterfalls, and underground pumps. The result is a property that can be sold more quickly than houses without pools in the community. Get tutorial here

15. Puppy Pool Ramp for the Summer

Hometalker Michelle didn’t want an expensive puppy pool ramp, so she opted to build her own to enable her pups to push themselves out of the pool. The ramp had to be long enough for her furry friend to sit on, with the base made from canvas. Using a PVC frame, she fitted the canvas to it, before securing the ramp to the side of the pool with weatherproof rope. Get tutorial here

16. Doubling Outdoor Pool Patio Space

Kristen’s previous outdoor pool patio was only wide enough for two people to pass and couldn’t seat anyone comfortably. After pulling up the old pavers that weren’t fit for purpose, she laid new paving stones around the pool and tamped down an extended social area ready for block paving. She now enjoys a more comfortable patio space, extended by 13x25 square feet! Get tutorial here

17. “Deck-a-saurus” Above-Ground Pool Deck

After Traci hired professionals to install her family’s second-hand above-ground outdoor pool, she built her own pool deck, creating easy access into and out of the pool. She framed upper and lower deck levels, with the lower designed for outdoor pool furniture to relax on and the railed upper level becoming a safe entry and exit point for the pool. Get tutorial here

18. Brand-New Pool Pavers onto Existing Deck

You might be surprised to hear that new pool pavers can be installed on an existing concrete deck. In fact, there’s no need to remove old concrete decks even if they are tired. The new pavers can be laid onto sand, with the new deck absorbing any shifts without cracking the pavers. The finished new paving has a drop-down face covering the old pool coping. Get tutorial here

19. DIY Poolside Backyard Cabana

What better way to maximize your outdoor swimming pool space than to build your very own pool cabana? It’s a fantastic way to enjoy some shade without having to venture indoors. Deanne L's construction is fitted with a corrugated metal roof for surface water run-off, along with plenty of seating and storage space inside. She painted it white, which helps keep cool. Get tutorial here

20. Misting System Tackles Heat and Humidity

Hometalker John lives in Phoenix, where it’s particularly hot and humid in the height of the summer. Inspired by restaurants and amusement parks that have misting systems to help patrons stay cool, he fitted his own misting system in his backyard, as an alternative to cooling off in his pool. Thanks to this ingenious project, cold water vaporizes and cools his patio within seconds. Get tutorial here