1. Renovated 1974 Wilderness “Glamper”

Camper van renovations can be carried out by all ages, as this first project testifies. 14-year-old Ellie transformed this 1974 Wilderness camper into a “glamper” paradise, with plenty of soft furnishings and a striking exterior paint finish using Anti-Rust Armor. Ellie picked up lots of vintage decorations along the way to add even more personality. Get tutorial here

2. Boho Camper Refurb on a Shoestring Budget

Small campers can be refurbished and redecorated to enjoy even on the tightest of budgets. Just ask Hometalker AmyLynn, who gutted this camper’s factory linens, cushion covers, curtains, and bunk covers, replacing them with bohemian-style fabrics. The end result is a brighter, more homely vibe that ensures a genuine home-from-home travel experience. Get tutorial here

3. A 1976 Serro Scotty Camper Transformed

This heartwarming project shows a 15-year-old girl undergo a camper van refurb to raise money for a friend that’s fighting cancer. After buying this 1976 Serro Scotty van, she realized it was in worse condition than first feared. But after a deep clean, painting, decorating, new inner walls, and rubber roofing, this cute camper was good to go. Get tutorial here

4. Refurbed Camper Trailer Bunkhouse

Hometalker Elizabeth was running out of hosting space for her growing army of grandchildren. So, she bought an old camper trailer to renovate for the kids to enjoy. She ripped out the interior, except the refrigerator, before constructing a bed frame for a double mattress with storage. It was finished with vinyl plank flooring and handmade curtains. Get tutorial here

5. Camper Van Freebie Turned Holiday Home

Although this 1979 camper was free, it needed a ton of interior updates to be useable. Beth replaced the old mattress, filled holes in the flooring with expanding foam, and steam cleaned all the cushion covers. The cupboard doors were repainted with green chalk paint, before relining the floor with self-stick tiles to add a healthy dose of character. Get tutorial here

6. Log Cabin-Style Camper for the Kids

Hometalker Sarah recently helped a family with four young kids. They wanted their camper playhouse to be painted in a log cabin effect. She opted for a forest-theme, incorporating characters found on free Clip Art sites. All of which was possible after an initial golden base coat, printed using a wood grain tool to achieve the log cabin look. Get tutorial here

7. DIY Pop-Up Camper Flooring

It’s amazing what brand new flooring can do to freshen up ageing campers. This Hometalker fitted brand-new wood-effect peel-and-stick tiles to a pop-up camper after washing the existing floor with dawn dish soap, water, and vinegar. They then carefully measured and cut the new tiles to ensure the butted lines did not end up running the same. Get tutorial here

8. Colorful Budget Refurb for Pop Up Camper

This 1990 Coleman pop up camper trailer lacked color and personality, so Hometalker Kim opted to bring it to life with her kids. They painted counters and cabinets, replaced the flooring, spray painted hardware, covered bench seats, and added new stylish curtains to create a distinctive theme that all the family could enjoy on their travels. Get tutorial here

9. Camper Trailer Conversion In 70 Sq Ft

This cargo trailer is very simple to tow, making it an ideal camper. Hometalker Victoria converted the mere 70 sq ft of space in this trailer, building in hand-crafted cupboards, pull-out cooktops with an inbuilt faucet, folding tables, and even a bed with a six-inch memory foam mattress. It’s a great way to maximize the minimal floor space she had to work with! Get tutorial here

10. 1989 Lance Truck Camper Cosmetic Renovation

Hometalker Adele and her husband Rich transformed this truck camper with refurbed walls, countertops, cabinets, doors, and flooring. The interiors received fresh chalk paint, with gray the dominant palette color, along with some faux stone effects. It took them between 60-80 hours to turn this around into a safe, comfy, and quiet space. Get tutorial here

11. DIY Camper Refurb Combining Retro With New

Hometalker New Prairie Construction took on this camper renovation as a specialty project, with a vintage Airstream camper transformed in a way that was as eco-friendly as possible. They added reclaimed, sustainable materials, lightweight insulation, composting toilet, solar panels, and no-VOC finishes to the interior and exterior. It brings this 60s trailer firmly into the 21st century. Get tutorial here

12. Save Space with a Replacement Camper Dinette

This Hometalker’s existing camper dinette was too big and bulky. It took up way too much floor space, so she opted to replace it and make a more functional couch and table that created new storage space and even space for a trolley. It might not seem a lot, but this redesign created 24” x 24” in additional floor space for this happy camper! Get tutorial here

13. Space Saving Measures for RV Kitchen

Hometalker Gail moved into an RV less than a year ago, boasting 40 feet of living space, but a miniscule kitchen. So, she optimized the space in her RV kitchen, adding a new butcher’s block counter, before creating new drawers and storage for her silverware and kitchen utensils. Metal wall pockets with flat bottoms worked best to keep things tidy. Get tutorial here

14. Fresh Fabric Transforms RV Makeover

Hometalker Pam was desperate to give her 1999 Rockwood trailer a new lease of life. So, she swapped out the fabric on the couch cushions, as well as the RV’s curtains, adding a valance to soften the kitchen area. Pam also used a folding table as a central coffee table instead of a bulky dinette and even had space for a new pet bed for her dogs! Get tutorial here

15. Throwback VW Camper Van Upfit

This Hometalker and her husband were desperate to restore their classic VW camper to its original beauty. The first step was to give this magnificent VW Westfalia Vanagon a fresh “Mouse Gray” paint job on the outside, before restoring the leather front seats. A shiny new dashboard adds instant appeal, while the Hometalker made the excellent decision to re-cover the bed and cushion fabric. Get tutorial here

16. Beach Vibe Makeover for Pop-Up Camper

Hometalker Jan set about transforming this travel trailer with chilled, coastal interiors that make you feel like you’re at the beach. She repainted all the cabinets and replaced the hardware. The cushion fabrics were also swapped, before stenciling a nautical sundial onto the dining table. The driftwood flooring also adds to the beachy feel. Get tutorial here

17. Contemporary Camper Bedroom Décor for $22

Hometalker Lisa recently purchased a new camper van but was disappointed with the tired nature of the bedroom area. Fortunately, with $22 and a little help from her husband, she rectified this quickly. They replaced the headboard, fitted two new curtain panels and window box treatments, as well as new soft bed furnishings, to totally transform it. Get tutorial here

18. 1960s Camper Renovation From Scratch

Laura bought this classic camper that’s been on the road for almost 60 years, but soon realized it needed wholesale repairs. They gutted it all except the kitchen cabinets, repainted the outside, used old train station benches for dining space, fitted soft quilted furnishings for the bed, and gave the wooden cabinets a new distressed appearance. Get tutorial here

19. Remodeled Camper Becomes Backyard Office

Hometalker Steph’s husband wanted a new place to work from home, so opted to buy an unroadworthy camper trailer to transform into a remodeled home office. The furniture was all flat-packed from IKEA, simply because they couldn’t fit any other furniture through the camper’s narrow front door. As you can see, it’s now a bright, airy place of work. Get tutorial here