Asked on Nov 4, 2019

How can I organize a bright cheerful craft room in the basement?

Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CAMelody SternMichelle


The basement he wants me in doesn’t have any inspiration or lightning. I did manage to get a radio for some entertainment, but it’s still very depressing and not inspirational. There’s only concrete walls, no windows, and a folding table to work on. I’ve asked for a chair and I just get a someday as a reply. I really don’t think he takes me seriously. Can anyone please give me some suggestions, THANK YOU !!!! Stuck in the basement.

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  • Miche
    on Nov 4, 2019

    Just go buy a chair! Do you really need his permission?!?! That's sad!

    Put his man cave (wherever he watches t.v.) in the basement or get a divorce.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Nov 4, 2019

    What about hanging a large picture that looks like outdoors, similar to looking out a window. Then add a ton of light. Maybe a mural.

  • Michelle
    on Nov 4, 2019

    You should never have to ask your spouse permission to buy something. Seems to be a bigger issue here. There are hotlines to call if someone is being abused financially, verbally, mentally or emotional

  • Melody Stern
    on Nov 4, 2019

    Dear Janine, The fact that you have to "ask" him for a chair,and "managed"to get a radio, tells me a lot, but that's a story for a different day!...You don't say where your craft space was previously,I agree it shouldn't be in the dining/ living/bedroom areas,but seems to me any other spare room is fair game! I have utilized my dining table for much of my crafts, but remove them to a different area out of site at days end! ..In any event, girl if you are a Cinderella in the basement,pull out the bright paint and your crafty skills then go to town on the walls and your surroundings! Decorate the room in your style and taste.Make it solely your own, put an abundance of different light sources,pictures and shelving on the walls,,then when you step out of your room,,lock the door behind you!!.LOL!...Best Wishes to YOU!!

  • You don't need to "ask" for anything. Go out and buy whatever it is you need to fix the basement up to make it comfortable or you. If budget is an issue, shop sales, discount stores and second hand shops, garage sales, yard sales, etc. In the interim, drag down a chair and lamps from elsewhere in the house. I agree with others, there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Immediately. Seek counseling asap. You should never, under any circumstances, be abused / bullied by your spouse. I have personally helped several women extricate themselves from similar situations. I suggest showing him this post with the responses and see how he responds. Good luck to you.

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