Asked on Nov 6, 2019

How can I clan and keep out black mold?

Holly Bertone | Pink FortitudeVimarhonorWilliam


I am a compulsive cleaner but I am noticing black mold how can I kill this before it costs thousands of dollars please say their is something I can do, its dangerous I can't ignore this! Tell me there is a simple remedy that will kill it.

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  • Ginger
    on Nov 6, 2019

    Usually washing with bleach works

  • Lorraine stewart
    on Nov 7, 2019

    I would say bleach too xx

  • Kelli L. Milligan
    on Nov 7, 2019

    You first need to stop what is causing it first. May have a leak.

  • William
    on Nov 7, 2019

    Bleach cleans mold. Vinegar kills mold spores. Do not mix the two together. The fumes are harmful. You do need to find the source. If it's on a wall....mold grows from inside out. It may be inside the wall cavities.

  • Vimarhonor
    on Nov 7, 2019

    Hello. Eliminate the source of the problem is the first important recommendation to consider.

    It may be beneficial to use a device to reduce moisture such as dehumidifier, kitchen or bathroom fans.

    Next, wipe down all surfaces with white cleaning vinegar to kill any mold spores. Looking over the properties of Damp-rid and OdoBan Possibly checking out reviews and Q&A’s might help you see if the product might be a solution for you.

  • Hi Tara - There are several ways to get rid of mold, but most importantly, you need to address the root cause to keep it from returning. This article focuses on the bathroom, but is an overall great article that covers methods of how to remove mold, if bleach is safe to use, and how to prevent it from coming back. Hope this helps! Hugs, Holly

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